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Reunions that suck!

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  • Reunions that suck!

    Has anybody read about the Dead Kennedys trial against Jello Biafra and their reunion. I have thought them above such things as it is only to make money out of old "hits" Like "Holiday in Cambodia" etc. I hate it when bands do this. Because trying to please fans and their wallets will just take the soul out of the whole thing.. They stood for something better, which has left a legacy for other artists which is more profound then just their music. And without Jello Biafra it's just a lame old thing trying to breath once again.

    I hate this thing when older bands start to know that since they broke up.
    That their number of fans has grown larger. And DK has already put out DVD material which is very expensive and only 22 minutes long. As well as a silly cover with elves.

    Punk is Dead! Hardcore is Dead! And most of all D.I.Y. is dead!

    It's just fame and fortune thats the goal.. And music gets thrown out the window...

    "07/16/04: Jello's Statement about the DKs Lawsuit
    I and Alternative Tentacles have thrown up our hands at getting any justice from the three ex-Dead Kennedys' greed-motivated lawsuits, and the shocking denial of our appeal. The court refused to hear any evidence of the many shady things they have done since the trial.

    But that does not mean that the verdict and court rulings are the real truth any more than George Dubya was democratically elected president. They just got away with a lot of lies. O.J. Simpson would be proud.

    What they have done to Dead Kennedys since their hostile takeover speaks for itself. Their money uber alles mentality has more in common with Dick Cheney than the vision and principles our band stood for.

    I'm as proud of Dead Kennedys as I ever was. It seems obvious I love and respect what we accomplished far more than they ever will.

    If they force me to blow the whistle again, I will. We'll continue to oppose the dumbing down and pimping of the DK catalogue, phony "reunion" shows (often with my likeness in the ads), selling my image into video games, their refusal to show me all the books, blah, blah, etc., etc.

    Ending our defense against their main legal attack does not mean I endorse or recommend any Dead Kennedys releases on Decay Music, Manifesto, Plastic Head, Cleopatra, MVD, etc.

    I can't. I'm too ashamed.

    - Jello Biafra"

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    Yes, I read about that a while ago. It's a shame because now the only versions of their CDs you can find are the new "re-mixed" versions. They might be better than the originals, they might be worse... obviously it would be foolish for me to comment without having heard them, but as Mr M has said in the thread on book and film "revisions", it's a shame we don't have the option of buying the Alternative Tentacle releases as they first appeared (well, they first appeared on vinyl of course, but you know what I mean).

    I contributed to the Legal Defense Fund, but there probably isn't much hope that he'll ever get any sense out of the courts. No doubt it's possible to have a very heated debate about what it means to be "punk", but if you try to sell a song about Cambodia to Levis (I think that was the plan) you probably don't have a "moral" right to the material, even if you do have a legal one.

    Just my humble opinion of course,


    "Chicken-sh*t conformists like your parents were!!!"
    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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      Im NOT Pro for REMIXES since i think it's a farce really.
      Iron Maiden used the same thing more than once to release old material with new varnish. A clever marketing scam is all i see and hear..

      The sound maybe 'rehashed'. And revamped because stereo systems get better, or whatever?

      But whatever they do to the original material isn't what matters really.
      Just as long as the REMIX logo is there fans will be dulled into buying them.


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        Originally posted by Theocrat
        Iron Maiden used the same thing more than once to release old material with new varnish. A clever marketing scam is all i see and hear.. The sound may be 'rehashed'. And revamped because stereo systems get better, or whatever?
        Perhaps. But... they've got to do something to keep the band out there and competing with the likes of Metallica. Joan Jett does the same thing too... lots of remixes and such.


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          Well mostly it's just digitizing the stuff. To get a clearer sound. And you are right Poetgrrl... I stand corrected on some of the issues.


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            some are in it for the money, some of it because they love the music (and their fans.) i'm always sad to see the greed that goes on with some of these bands. really sad.

            DK... long time since I've thought of them. an old boyfriend i had liked them. i was shocked by the song titles back then.