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Blind Guardian

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  • Blind Guardian

    Is there no fans of that great german band. I don' believe it!!!

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    Who says :) I'm here. I think Nightfall in the Middle Earth is a masterpiece and before that i like Somewhere Far Beyond most. They're great musicians and their lyrics are folk and fantasy based, I think, mostly because Hansi Kأ¼rsch loves fantasy literature and mythology. I hope they come to Istanbul again for one more great concert.


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      Thanks))) I like "Follow The Blind" (as based on Moorcock works) and "Somewhere Far Beyond" cause it's really great)
      Anyone else? :?: :?: :?:


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        Here I'am :D

        I like Guardian but I think their newest record "a Night At The Opera" is far from the quality of "Nightfall...". Don't get me wrong: It is still a great album, but not the masterpiece I expected. I personally favor their older stuff like "Somewhere Far Beyond".


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          'A Night At The Opera' really strange album, i like it, but it's not like other albums. 'Punishment Divine' is strong song)))!!! But other songs rather bad (well, except Wait for an Answer, maybe). I prefer 'Somewhere...' too.

          Hey, what are you thinkin about 'The Bard Song'? I think, it's GREAT!!! Not metal, of course, but it's really takes my soul... :)


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            A Night at the Opera may not sound much like the older stuff but I really like it. I hope that their next album is closer in style to Nightfall in Middle-Earth though


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              Hey, I like Blind Guardian, too, and count myself privileged to have seen one of their rare US appearances. (Maybe their only one?)

              I've found the live CD set to be pretty darned handy -- lots of good songs in one easy-to-play package. We tend to get fairly frequent requests for Blind Guardian on our metal radio show. \m/


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                Guardian Rocks! Personally, I like all of their stuff before Nightfall the best, although NIME and ANATO are also really good. The Moorcock based stuff is some of my all time favorite music.


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                  The only cd by this band I own is 'Nightfall...'. I really enjoyed listening to it a while ago but, to be honest, if I were to pick up only one German metal band, it would be Helloween. Nevertheless, BG is really a good band.
                  There\'s the crime of passion and the crime of revenge, but the worst crime of all is the crime of regret. (Let sleeping dogs die - The Mission)


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                    Originally posted by Trikazul
                    I like Guardian but I think their newest record "a Night At The Opera" is far from the quality of "Nightfall...".
                    What's the next one to be called; 'A Day at the Races'? :?
                    \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


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                      Ohh... A night at the opera is a great album by any standards.

                      It's just that with Nightfall in MiddleEarth they created such an extraordinary masterpiece that anyone would have been hard pressed to top

                      "And then there was silence" is such an epic! Musically and lyrically a fabulous song. Personally I think it can stand up to the best songs from Nightfall.. but that's only a personal opinion.


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                        I like them

                        they are guilty of making too much of the GREAT OLD FART OF FANTASY LITERATURE,

                        but they have composed songs about Tanelorn, and they thrown in some minor Corum reference in 'Imaginations from the Other Side'.

                        So I can forgive them.

                        I have seen them live in Monza in 2002 and had a total blast.

                        I also like them because their songe grow more complex and baroque with every new album, not bad for a bunch of guys that started playing derivative thrash-influenced metal in the late 80s!!!

                        Now their original drummer left the fold.

                        I hopethey can find an apt replacement.



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                          In case you didnt know they also did a song about Elric ('Fast to Madness') and one about Hawkmoon ('Damned For All Time') both of which are on their second album 'Follow the Blind' which you might want to check out if you havent done already.


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                            my top Favortite album by them is Follow the Blind (awesome speed metal album) and Battalions of Fear at a close second!