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The Diferent Types of rock music

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    Yeah, but the problem with those genre fields is you get things like all of Brian Eno's Before and After Science album being put in as "New Age", including some rather rocking songs...
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      "There's two types of music: the kind you like, and the kind you don't like!"

      Yep! At the end of the day, this is basically what it all comes down to.

      The only reasonably successful way to describe musical genres seems to be via 'extensional definition': naming bands and dropping them into genres. And even this approach is fraught with peril, as one man's 'speed-metal' might be another man's 'power-metal.' Or new-age, for that matter. (Skyclad, anyone? :))

      Bleah. Compartmentalism sucks. To paraphrase a writer MM doesn't like much, "To enjoy music, take big bites. Categorization is for monks!" :D I like some diversity in my music, both from bands themselves, and overall. My CD list (click here), wherein you can find, e.g., Opeth near Ozric Tentacles, or The Cruxshadows close to Cryptopsy, has become a bit of an in-joke amongst my friends. :twisted: