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Maria full of Grace

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  • Maria full of Grace

    ... by Joshua Marston, 2005

    Saw it last night on DVD and was very impressed. The story of a Colombian girl who is in personal distress and in order to get some money consents to smuggle cociane to NY.
    Not only because I know Colombia and (some of) the reality there personally, and therefore found the film pretty convincing, I can also strongly recommend it for the good acting and unpretentiousness.
    And on top of all it comes as a shock therapy for those who would like to think that smuggling cocaine is an adventure thing. The movie reminds the consumers of this drug that by buying it they are co-responsible for the lethal exit of these ventures in which mostly poor and naive young women are sent to our countries as "mules" with half a kilo or more of the drug in small plastic bags in their stomachs - which can start leaking after a while.

    The movie collected numerous awards including at Sundance and in Berlin.
    And the website is very well worth visiting.
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