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LOTR running time of 180+ minutes! = Running to the toilet!

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  • DeeCrowSeer
    I'm obviously getting too old to go to the cinema these days. I have an attention span/bladder control limit of exactly 100 minutes, and anything longer than that is a trial. In my day they'd have an intermission halfway through the film and there would be trays of ice-cream to buy in the aisles. As a film-fan I don't necessarily enjoy the idea of having the mood and story broken up like that, but needs must when they make the drinking cups so damned large! I was actually very glad George Lucas made the middle of the the last Star Wars film so incredibly dull, giving me a chance to dash out while young-Darth rolled around a hillock of tedious love. I doubt there will be any suitably dull moments in the Elric films, will there?


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  • Jerico
    Oops! It posted before I could finish!
    If the answer you don't want is on there,
    is it one of these?....
    choice #:
    4.) Yes. I tried to hold it as long as possible, but the pressure became too great and I ended up running to the toilet!

    5.) No. I can hold my water but my significant other made me go with her.

    6.) Yes. I had to go to vomit!

    7.) Who cares. I'm a M. Moorcock fan impatiently awaiting the Elric film.

    8.) other (please explain).

    There! I think that covers all the possibilities!

    --Jer :D

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  • LOTR running time of 180+ minutes! = Running to the toilet!

    Indeed: LOTR running time of 180+ minutes! = Running to the toilet!

    As most of us know, all 3 of the LOTR movies are at least 3 hours long. The curious like myself may wonder whether or not people are able to sit in front of the screen that long without using the toilet. :?:

    We can at least find out what the answer is among ourselves; we MWM fans!

    Perhaps we can get some interesting or funny anecdotes out of it.

    For example: "I made the mistake of eating a big bean burrito before the screening, so...."

    C'mon, y'all! Don't be shy! :D