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    I really hope the release of 300 isn't just biz, if they have kept to the original comic book series, for entertainment value, it should be good. I have Frank Millers' work from his first days on Daredevil at Marvel, I don't really buy comics these days ( She To Whom I Am Shackled In Wedlock To would go mad if I started again!!!! ) but I would hope if he had any influence they would stick mostly to the story. I can see where everyone is coming from with the present situation in Iraq/Afghanistan but we should remember that the Spartans subsisted on slavery of a whole nation so they could have a warrior elite who did nothing but train for battle, so they were not really the good guys, in a way, unlike our people who are fighting today. I hope that the film doesn't generate this either. I am looking forward to it anyway but as I have said if it turns out to be pants, the Chaos Twins ( my 8 year old daughters ) and their 4 year sister Xiombarg Junior will have free reign with my books. AAAARRGGHH!!!

    , [Ok Emerson ...oot the motor !!!!


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      The sacrifice of the spartians 300 was a strategic move to save the greek army from the persian pursuit ......

      The result were the naval battle of Salamine and the land battle of Platées .....