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Games youd like to see as a film

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  • Yisselda
    Eternal Companion
    • Jan 2004
    • 776

    Games youd like to see as a film

    Some games would make great films.

    Like Ghost Hunter.

    Its a scary game and has a complex plot and is very film like.

    There are scary ghost girls whose teddies grow big and use them as a weapon and nasty spinning ghost boys, and a grotesque swamp phantom, to mention a few.

    I dont play it after dark, late at night.

    It would make a great film or series.

    I know games dont always come out perfect as films, but most work well.

    I know they piss off snotty critics who pretend to be sooooo clever and high brow.

    So long as they stick to the game plot and dont make it less interesting.

    Doom was great, but should have kept the demons on a mars space station plot via a portal to a hell.

    Any other games that would make good films?
  • redbeard
    Satans Final Fart!
    • Aug 2006
    • 265

    The Last Ninja.

    Armakuni setting out to exact revenge on Kunitoki for the slaying of his brethren would make for an excellent film, espeically if it was done properly and not as typical hollywood trash. It would have to all be based on the first game, I don't think a ninja travelling through time to modern day New York would help the story.
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    • Yisselda
      Eternal Companion
      • Jan 2004
      • 776

      Sounds good.

      I agree about the second one not being right. That could get silly.


      • Shazane Koronova
        Chaos Lord
        • Oct 2006
        • 48

        Metal Gear Solid!

        The stories in those games are amazing, I think Hideo Kojima could create a movie just as good.


        • danskmacabre
          Defender of the Runestaff
          • Sep 2006
          • 377

          Half life would be great.
          Even Halflife 2 would make a great movie.


          • Yisselda
            Eternal Companion
            • Jan 2004
            • 776

            The final Fantasy Plots would be wicked. All of them.

            Yeah i know they already made one.

            But the rest are cool!

            Metal gear solid would rock!

            Half life i dont know the plot to.


            • The Mythanian
              Denizen of Moo Uria
              • Nov 2006
              • 131

              Soul Caliber. I love that game. A freind of mine said he heard a rumour they are making Soulcaliber III into a movie, anybody here anything about it.


              • dan mercer
                Moonbeam Traveller
                • Feb 2007
                • 9

                Mutant League Football. It'd be like RollarBall from the 70's but with awesome special effects when the players get hacked. Like Shane Black's last boyscout after a rockstar. Come to think of it that title would be cool on X-Box or PS II or III, why EA never did another is a mystery to me...


                • L'Etranger
                  Veteran Moorcockista
                  • Dec 2003
                  • 4772

                  OMG, transforming literature into movies is matter already delicate or problematic enough, why games now? I think movies ought to have something to say and not be the sales vehicle for games. Games have their merits and cinema its own. But that's just my opinion.
                  Seen from the other side:
                  It makes perfect sense to me that there is no "Citizen Kane" game, nor a "Babel" game, no "Lawrence of Arabia" game, no "Letters from Iwo Jima" game, no "Lost in Translation" game, no "Amelie" game, no "Down by Law" game, no "Heaven's Gate" game etc, you name it.
                  If film making were suddenly reduced to making movie editions of games, then it would become a very sad art.
                  This doesn't exclude some occasional experimenting, of course.
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                  • devilchicken
                    We'll get to that later
                    • Nov 2004
                    • 2814

                    There are some really good, story-driven video games out there that would do pretty well as movies. As far as fantasy goes - the Legacy of Kain series (while in all likelihood a bit too close for comfort to Elric) was extremely well-written, so was the Fallout series from Black Isle.

                    Still, there haven't been too many 'good' adaptations thus far - Doom, Resident Evil (1+2), Tomb Raider. The best one I've seen is Silent Hill, but that was a little too bleak and nasty for my tastes.

                    Apparently Hitman is a go - with Timothy Olyphaunt playing 47.
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                    • Morgan Kane
                      Lost in the multiverse
                      • Jun 2006
                      • 1428

                      desagreing partly !

                      If there are no video games, there are RPG games ..... and with adapted rules you can play anything....

                      The matter is that it wil lnot always be interesting !