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What films are you watching in 2021?

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  • What films are you watching in 2021?

    For any movie, from any year, and any type of film, made for TV, streaming, DVD, movie theater movies etc.

    What films are you watching? (2021 Edition)
    A sampling of what I've been watching-

    Alexander the Great -Richard Burton

    The Hunter

    The Mountain Men


    The Patriot

    What About Bob?

    G.I. Joe The Movie (1987, animated)

    "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
    - Michael Moorcock

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    I suppose it counts as a film. A rather short one, though.


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      Cohen the Barbarian. Raw & unfiltered! 😅


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        Downsizing: A great film. Extremely recommended.
        Greenland: Watch it only if you dig trash movies. Very expensive ones.
        Bliss: The movie allows several interpretations and each of them points to a film that already did it better.
        Superman: Red Son: Although written by J. M De Matteis, this adaption made extremely unhappy changes which made it dull.
        Soul: Spectacular animation by Pixar.
        Tennet: The very first Nolan movie I really disliked.
        "From time to time I demonstrate the inconceivable, or mock the innocent, or give truth to liars, or shred the poses of virtue.(...) Now I am silent; this is my mood." From Sundrun's Garden, Jack Vance.
        "As the Greeks have created the Olympus based upon their own image and resemblance, we have created Gotham City and Metropolis and all these galaxies so similar to the corporate world, manipulative, ruthless and well paid, that conceived them." Braulio Tavares.