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Ursula K. Leguine Discusses Earthsea Movie

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  • Ursula K. Leguine Discusses Earthsea Movie

    The Earthsea Trilogy has apparently been adapted to anime by the great filmaker/animator/director Miyazaki. the cartoon movie is titled Gedo Senki.
    Here is U.K.L's opinion of it from her website

    Click Here

  • #2
    I am afraid ......

    The TV version is a very bad one and this one does not seems good !


    • #3
      Might be good, got to be better than the tv series. I cant believe they had a blond unsuitable Ged.

      Studio Ghibli films are usually good.

      This might upset someone, but i think studio ghibli films are slightly slack in the drawing. Compared to the pristeen art on the other anime, they look a bit slack.

      i do like them , very much.


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        Hi yolanda!

        I really like your new avatar!

        "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
        - Michael Moorcock


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          Ha,I thought you were talking about the TV adoptation with the blonde Ged,the women students at Roc,the invasion on it by the pirates,the dragons that weren't really there etc etc.
          Perhaps the worst adoptation that could ever be.
          This one could be kinda good.Haven't seen it.


          • #6

            Glad you like the avater.

            Yours looks like a opera house or something. Is it La Scala? I went there once.

            How bad can the great Studio Ghibli film be? Not bad i think, cant go far wrong.


            • #7
              I love these books, and can only hope that the animated movie will be better than the t.v series. I am a fan of Danny Glover, but even his presence on the screen couldn't save the movie. I think what really got to me, was the way they pronounced "Magus". I always thought that the G in Magus was pronounced like in Sage, not like in flag. Mage, or Magus, is short for Magician, I thought.
              It also reminded me a little too much of the Harry Potter movies.


              • #8
                No,I think the pronounciation was good.I mean it was more latin,thus more archaic.Also it sounded more like the Greek word.


                • #9
                  Interesting. I had never heard it pronounced that way. Perhaps I should study Latin, or Greek.