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An Inconvenient Truth

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  • An Inconvenient Truth

    Anyone else seen it?

    It isn't the most uplifting film I will see this year, but it may be the most sobering film I've seen in the last ten.

    Plus, it was horribly depressing to see Al Gore so engaged with issues and wonderfully conversant and articulate with respect to them, only because I was continually reminded that someone who admits that he has no need for nuance and an eighth grade vocabulary is president instead of him.

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    Good interview with Gore at Spiegel-online. (In English),00.html
    For those who don't know "Der Spiegel" is Germany's foremost news magazine like "Time" or "Newsweek". Somewhere independent centre-left, investigative political journalism that often forced our various governments to admit blunders and correct course.
    Google ergo sum


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      Thanks for that great link. If only his handlers had allowed that Gore to run for President in 2000.

      I was struck by the question that asked Gore if he was worried about his opponents calling him a "tree hugger." Sad that that so many perceive that as an insult, and think that those types are the ones who are out of touch. As Gore points out, that is almost dangerously dismissive.