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Conan: Red Nails

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  • Conan: Red Nails

    Here is the official website for the upcoming film:

    Big names like Ron Perlman are voicing the big brute, which is an excellent choice in my opinion; his work on Hellboy reminded me something of the brutish Cimmerian. So far, I'm very excited by the project. I hope it does well, cause I wanna see "Hour of the Dragon" (one of my favorite stories) :D

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    Looks interesting - although Olmec bears a striking resemblance to Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) from Harry Potter.

    I'm not sure I like the zombie Tolkemec. Have you seen the drawing in the REH conan omnibus by Del Rey. Looks a bit too Mumm-Ra ish for my liking. And Mark Hamill is doing the voiceover....?
    Batman: It's a low neighborhood, full of rumpots. They're used to curious sights, which they attribute to alcoholic delusions.

    Robin: Gosh, drink is sure a filthy thing, isn't it? I'd rather be dead than unable to trust my own eyes!


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      Tolkemec actually reminds me of those invading monsters in ERB's "John Carter of Mars" that were transparent. I didn't care for the look, but then again, Red Nails wasn't really full of monster compared to other stories of Conan. I hope it does well, I'd like to see "Hour of the Dragon," but also my all-time favorite Conan story, "Beyond the Black River" :D

      [quote="Robert E. Howard: Red Nails"]
      Framed in the door to the left of the dais stood a nightmare figure. It was a man, with tangle of white hair and a matted white beard that fell over his breast. Rags only partly covered his gaunt frame, revealing half-naked limbs strangely unnatural in appearance. The skin was not like that of a normal human. There was a suggestion of scaliness about it, as if the owner had ddwelt long under which uman life ordinarily thrives. And there was nothing at all human about the eyes that blazed from the tangle of white hair. They were great gleaming disks that stared unwinkingly, luminous, whitish, and without a hint of normal emotion or sanity. The mouth gaped, but no coherent words issued - only a high-pitched tittering.


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        This looks like it could be fun Azariel. I wonder how long before it makes it's way over to these shores though as I liked the Conan carton from the mid-90s. :(

        BTW I think that Tolemec looks more like Iron Maiden's Eddie than anything else.


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          Yeah, "Red Nails" looks great and seeing Conan's cell image with a bloody sword and a decapitated head sure looks promising. Finally, a cartoon Conan the Barbarian with all the umm.... barbarism :D


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            that should be pretty cool.

            "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
            - Michael Moorcock


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              Wow! This looks like a lot of fun. I'm surprised I didn't know about this.


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                I want to see Conan the Librarian as seen in 'UHF' :lol:

                "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
                - Michael Moorcock


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                  I read on Cinescape the other day that a new live action Conan movie is to be moving forward. Following the success of the new Battlestar Galactica, they are apparently planning to "reboot" the franchise.