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Kidnapped - Michael Caine - More4 - Friday 16th December!!!

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  • devilchicken
    That's not the rather bizarre 70's movie where Michael Caine and his screen son get kidnapped by the long lost descendents of a group of 17th century pirates who have since devolved into inbred mutants?

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  • spaced_moorcock
    Ah, nice one Demos. I would have missed it otherwise as I never look at the TV guide (at least the inside of it anyways). I look forward to seeing it again.

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  • lemec
    that's fanatstic demos! :D Thanks for letting us know.

    (hehe, the only thing is, I don't have satellite tv to get it. Maybe a station will play it here though too.)


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  • Kidnapped - Michael Caine - More4 - Friday 16th December!!!

    Originally posted by lemec
    This is off subject,but thinking of Shaw made me think of Swashbuckler which in turn made me think of the movie Kidnapped. Did you ever see the version of Kidnapped with Michael Caine in it? I saw a bit of it once, then never saw it anywhere on dvd or cassette. It looked so good! He was fighting off his enemies with a cutllass and dirk and claiming how great a fighter he was, and that was the last I saw of it. haha
    Originally posted by spaced_moorcock
    lemec, I remember that version of Kidnapped. I saw it during the summer holidays when I was still at school and loved it. Michael Caine played his part well. You can find it on DVD here for a ridiculous price. I don't think it's been released in the US though.
    Originally posted by demos99
    I too remember the Michael Caine version of Kidnapped. I saw when I was about 12 or so as a 16mm projection at a local church youth group in the late '70s (possibly early '80s). Like all things we remember from our childhood, I think it was pretty good - certainly Caine was good in it iirc (and this was before I knew who Caine was and had seen things like The Ipcress File and Zulu). I remain hopeful that one day it will turn up on TV or a cheap DVD so I can see whether those memories hold up. :)
    Just a heads-up to anyone interested in the above posts that the version of Kidnapped with Michael Caine as Alan Breck gets an airing on UK TV on the digital channel More4 on Friday 16th December at 3.55pm (GMT).

    Better set those video recorders y'all! :)