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The Island - conservatism in Hollywood (spoilers inside)

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  • The Island - conservatism in Hollywood (spoilers inside)

    Saw this movie today - a fairly interesting Logan's Run inspired science fiction effort. Liked the initial setup, and 'some' of the questions it raised, less so where it resorted to the usual Michael Bay formula of excessive explosions and vacuous action pornography.

    There's also a rather interesting (and in my view quite obscene) political subtext in there - this perhaps as much as anything else I've seen recently is an example of an unashamedly neoconservative movie that sticks up a finger at alleged Hollywood liberalism. The whole thing is basically a riff on the neoconservative 'pro life' anti-abortion, anti stem cell research band wagon, which is about where my interest ended....

    So we see the doctor who runs a cloning clinic as the villain who must be defeated, along with his 'evil' science so that potential people can have a shot at life. More disturbingly there are several scenes in there that are not only reminiscent of the Nazi holocaust, but are taken directly out of Auschwitz (down to shots of people being given lethal injections to the heart, and a group of clones being herded into the a crematory oven under the pretence of being 'decontaminated') to remind us that foetuses are 'people' too...

    I read an interview with Michael Bay in last week's LA Times, in which he referred to firing the original screenwriter of the movie - doubtless because he wasn't comfortable with compromising what was once an intelligent script with the aforementioned vacuous action pornography.

    I wonder whether the neoconservative bullshit was in there before, the neocon attack dogs got their teeth into it...

    Don't get me very wrong - this is actually very good for a Michael Bay movie. The best parts though are all scripted - for instance where Ewan McGregor plays his clone and his 'sponsor' Some quite interesting scenes. Worth a look - if you're prepared to be offended by the 'pro-life' agenda.
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    Hollywood and Clones

    It bothers me when Hollywood compares things to the Nazis. I don't think everything in this world should be compared to the holocaust. Nazi Germany was the purest example of evil on a massive scale. Subjects like cloning have more sides to the issue and areas that are grey, not just black and white. I did not see the movie yet,but they probaly had valid reasons for making the clones and a way to make them that does not actual kill existing life. I don't know. If they can create a clone from nothing or just a person's DNA, it might be moraly right to use them to save lives. Clones sound a little better than what they did in the movie
    "Coma" where they kept people in storage so rich politicians can get a body part from them if they needed it in a hurry. It still makes me wonder about organ donor cards, if the government would need something from someone and secretly kill them for it. haha. Also, about the Nazi discussion, they compared Saddam to Hitler and as bad as Saddam Hussein was and is, he is no Hitler. On the other hand, if tyrants like Saddam had the power Adolf Hitler had, they might have been far worse. I am sorry for the rambling. It was just a thought. I must admit,Nazis make great characters to hate in the Von Bek and Elric books.

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      They made this film back in 1979.

      It was called 'Parts: The Clonus Horror' and if you want to know how good it was... it was an episode on 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000'


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        Don't get me wrong, 'The Island' is perhaps the best movie that Michael Bay has ever done (which admittedly is not saying all that much), and the first 30 minutes alone are well worth watching - the subsequent chase, with all its obligatory high action bullshit is somewhat tiresome, but there is some clear evidence that prior to the script being 'bayified' this movie could actually have been very decent - on a par with some of the best science fiction.
        Batman: It's a low neighborhood, full of rumpots. They're used to curious sights, which they attribute to alcoholic delusions.

        Robin: Gosh, drink is sure a filthy thing, isn't it? I'd rather be dead than unable to trust my own eyes!