I'm currently in the jury of the Munich International Documentary Film festival. I can't talk about the films in the competition as yet, but there's one doc outside the competition made by a good friend of mine that deserves mention and can possibly be viewed close to you people in UK and the US:
The Ritchie Boys" by Christian Bauer. It is about a special unit in the US Army composed of Germans who had fled the Nazi regime, mostly Jews, but not only. Their training camp was "Camp Ritchie" in Maryland and their task was to fight on the intelligence and propaganda fronts, as well as interrogating POWs and generally creating confusion among the Axis forces. But they always remained "Jerries" and this wasn't funny for them.
Here are some websites for the film (which was among the 12 docs short-listed for a documentary Oscar nomination this year ...)


Today, on May 8th I have decorated my balcony with allied flags to commemorate their sacrifice to put an end to the Nazis and their rule. I have added a flag of modern Germany, because also of the "Ritchie Boys" and Sophie Scholl and her fellow conspirators.
Also see: [broken link]