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  • Bardac
    Going with the Megaflow
    • Jun 2009
    • 7

    Enjoyed all the MCU films especially Infinity War and Endgame. Wondering what the thoughts are on the TV spin-offs airing on Disney+ . . . WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the forthcoming Loki? Do they hold the same appeal as short episodes or do they fall short in any ways?


    • lemec
      Eternal Champion
      • Jul 2005
      • 5310

      I think WandaVision was made to connect with the next Doctor Strange Film. I thought it had a few things that were a little different and mysterious. Other parts might seem better after seeing the new Doctor Strange. It did continue the over all story along. I liked The Falcon and Winter Soldier better, because it was more like a couple of the MCU movies. They had more traditional action and more to say about things in it. Plus it probably connects to a future movie. There seem to be a few things in each series that I wonder why or how they did something, but I would not want to miss the shows, the acting is really good, they have some fun moments and they are something new to watch that I more or less enjoy, and some moments I really enjoy. Loki, I feel, will be the best Disney+ Marvel series yet. There looks to be many interesting things involved in the show. For me, The Mandalorian will be hard to top, but their Book of Boba Fett might come close. I'll keep watching, and they might make a Marvel one that will top even those.

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      • Timberwolf
        The White Wolf
        • Feb 2012
        • 286

        I think they dropped the ball a little with WandaVision (and that is being said by someone who enjoyed the series immensely).

        The absence of any of the other established mystical characters, like Strange and Mordo ... even Wong would have served the purpose, was a glaring omission (leeway has to be given for that ... the primary mystics are all Brit actors, and as such may not have been available for filming key scenes in the US, after all there is a pandemic going on here), as was the conclusion to the 'missing witness' (although this may form the basis of the rumoured X-Files type series planned for a certain Jimmy Woo).

        But I do think the biggest ball drop in there was their silence over certain fan theories that came out (for instance the fact that people were seeing certain supernatural entities everywhere they looked, which raised expectations far beyond what was delivered, and therefore affected the reaction to the ending).

        Falcon/Winter Soldier went back to Marvel roots, and I do think that one delivered in pretty much all departments ... and the background/setting references were on point as setups for later projects (Madripoor/Princess bar, US Agent/West Coast Avengers). Had very few gripes with it, even the last gasp bad guy reveal.

        Loki is looking good so far (2 eps in, still have 2 queued up to watch) and has built on what has already been revealed about the multiverse in Endgame and WandaVision ... but as it is still ongoing I'm not going to go into details.

        Now I wasn't as impressed with Mando as I thought I'd be, the hype around it was a downer when it came to actually watching it, and as for Book of Boba Fett, they've already started being noticed for that one (and not for the right reasons unfortunately).

        His ship has now been allegedly renamed to 'Boba Fett's Starship', dropping the original 'Slave 1' name.

        Even the original Boba Fett actor has come out against that and I have to admit that I agree with him (It's a name fer gawds sake ... it's not promoting or condoning slavery, in fact it's probably one of the best names you could give a 'bad guy' character's ship to convey the vibe of him being a bit on the moral void side of things).
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        • Pietro_Mercurios
          Eternal Champion
          • Oct 2004
          • 5762

          Just been to see, Black Widow, with oldest daughter. Best Marvel movie that I've seen yet! It certainly drives along at a frenetic pace & reminded me of when I first watched, The Bourne Identity. The action hardly lets up, the acting is great & the only pity is that it didn't come out after, Captain America: The Winter Soldier & before, Avengers: Infinity War, like it should have. Nonetheless, a very fine salute to Scarlet Johansson's Black Widow, at last.
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