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Anyone seen "Rock & Roll High School"?

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  • Theocrat
    Eternal Companion
    • Dec 2003
    • 771

    Anyone seen "Rock & Roll High School"?

    Man that movie was really weird... I like the ramones to some degree.
    But i've never understood the hype around the Ramones.. Especially amongst chicks..

    I never even considered them a Punk group.. Just a great "Maximum
    R & R" band. Hell i don't even consider Sex pistols as particularly a 'punk' band.

    "Have a nice day"! :) ;) :) :) *erm* weekend!

  • Dead-Air
    Eternal Champion
    • Jun 2004
    • 2737

    Good movie, though a bit over-rated I always thought. Love the Ramones and don't see how you could not think them punk since they invented the two and a half chord two minute solo-less punk song. Wonder why this isn't in the "Rock 'n Roll" forum rather than Q&A.
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    • Theocrat
      Eternal Companion
      • Dec 2003
      • 771

      Opps.. sorry man... had lost my way.. Again.

      "Have u ever been into a room. And you don't know why u went in there in the first place?"

      G. Carlin.


      • Guest's Avatar

        Maybe George Carlin was a cat in a past life. I have had two cats and both would run into a room like it was important to get there fast.Once there they would look around like why am I here? Then leave.We could throw Carlin off a building and see if he lands on his feet. :D


        • Pellaz
          Defender of the Runestaff
          • Sep 2004
          • 395

          Yeah, what is with cats?

          I had a cat once that adored me (and merely tolerated my apartment-mate, which drove him crazy since she was, at least theoretically, "his" cat).

          If I closed my bedroom door, she'd start clawing at the carpeting wanting to get in.
          Fine, c'mon in.
          I close the door, and she's now clawing at the carpeting wanting to get out.

          Okay, okay, the door stays open. :)

          It's been ten years since I had that cat (or rather, the cat had ME) and I still close the bedroom door only very seldomly. :D

          And r.i.p. to nearly all of the Ramones guys..... I think there's only one left.


          • Nick Knife
            Eternal Companion
            • Nov 2009
            • 798

            I love the Ramones, they must be one of the most influential bands in Rock Music. I had the pleasure of seeing them live twice, and feel fortunate that I got to see this most legendary band. To me Punk is Rock and Roll.