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They Live

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  • They Live

    I know this movie has been discussed in various threads on the forum before but I couldn't find a proper thread to post in so forgive me if I missed one...

    Just watched this flick the other night with my wife and brother-in-law. We all loved it. Excellent film and some of the comments (particularly the ones in the early part of the film) were eerily appropriate for modern times. If you haven't seen it recently I suggest it's time for a re-watch. It has definitely earned a spot on my list of favorite cult classic films.

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    Terrific flick!
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      I actually have a copy of, They Live. I even went to see it, when it came out. It's eerily appropriate for now, because it was made during the last recession and it reflects it with reasonable accuracy.

      Wrestler, Roddy Piper, may have only made one decent picture, but it's a bravura performance many another actor would give their eye teeth for!
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        I love They Live and most of John Carpenter's films, especially his work in the 1980's


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          Aside from a comment or two made on this site I hadn't heard of They Live. Is it a cult film all over or just more popular outside the US? I'm glad I finally decided to watch it. We had purchased some beers for the evening and were looking for something to watch on Netflix when I realized that could be the perfect time to watch They Live (we watched Zardoz under similar circumstances and weren't disappointed).

          Cheers fellow denizens of MM's Misc. for having excellent taste.


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            Yeah! They Live is a very good movie. I also have it on DVD.

            I used to watch it on cassette alot.

            All around very cool.

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            - Michael Moorcock


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              It's one of my cult favorites, for sure. I even offered up the fight scene between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David as one of my favorites from a movie in this thread.
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                Yeah, I love this flic too. Used to even have the poster, until a drunken fool (not me this time) fell into it and slid down the wall, tearing the poster as he did. Shame that.
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                  I have come to kick ass and chew bubblegum....