The Brown Bunny is a little bit shocking. If you don't want to know why, sten STOP reading this right now!

Vincent Gallo's new movie is 80% art film, 20% pornography.

Actually, if it weren't for the porn, it would have been one of the worst movies ever made.

Vincent Gallo isn't the worst kind of narcissist I think. He is a legit artist. He has talent, if not so much at acting, but at writing, directing, and music. And at least he isn't in the news-- no word of him playing bongos late at 3 am and disturbing neighbors, or having 3 high profile sex relationships in one month. Well it's probably only because he's not famous enough to make the news, so...

The guy is so full of himself. A lot of the film is him riding his motorcycle, and driving around in his van. He's so egotistical that he thinks showing him do all that mundane stuff is like a treat or something. There's almost no shots in the film where his face or his ass isn't in it.

He kisses an underage (minor) girl in it, kisses a has-been supermodel, and then has a porn scene, and that's supposed to be a good movie?

Really, the fact that a semi-successful actor as him would show his penis in a pornographic scene is just indicative of how much he loves himself. I think one of the primary motives was to show the world how big his cock is.
His career will be fine as long as he keeps making his own movies. I doubt that it will boost his career in any projects outside of his own ideas.

His last movie , Buffalo 66 was a much better film.

Anyway, it's definitely not the worst movie I've ever seen.

In fact, it's hard for me to get the porn out of my mind, because I've
never seen legitimate Hollywood actors have actual sex on film like that
There was the movie Calligula, but the people having the sex were not
the major/ primary actors of the movie.

After seeing it, this is the main thing you will get:
you can look at Vincent Gallo and know that there's something the size of a bananna under the pants, like we know Tommy Lee has. Whether that's a good or bad thing, that's up to you!