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This movie will not be "Epic" i guess?

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  • This movie will not be "Epic" i guess?

    Kingdome of Twilight. The Nibelungen gets a 'go' at the cinema.
    It just looks like (to me) the standard 'nicey' armour and 'soap opera' actors/acting which i'm sick to death of since the movie 'First Knight'. They should put alot more GRIT and GRIME (and a alot more BLOOD!!!) into these new fantasy movies based on vaguely historic settings if they are going to be more REAL to the audience like some older fantasy movies are.

    Like Excalibur and Conan. Although these movies do have some faults.
    I hate writers who go for other biased settings and do dumb omitions from the REAL stories. Just cramming a story full of love doesn't make it a good suspensefull movie. It makes it into Mickey Mouse bullshit. I'm tired as hell of these 'softie' people who don't have the stomach for the darker sides of our nature/history. They should drop that pen and start doing something else. Something 'Nicer'.

    This is taken from the interview of the script writer(s) of the movie.

    "the ferocity of accurately-described period "heroic" behaviour isn't acceptable to a modern audience (or at least to a modern editor!) since it's become the sort of thing that only villains do. The Lied itself is extremely dark - a tale of passions running very high, and of rage and revenge taken to extraordinary lengths. In the original poem, there's a lot of behavior which looks like incredible cruelty and savagery to the 21st-century Western mind. There's rape, torture, suicide, mass murder, and some intrapersonal relationships that simply defy description and would instantly get a movie that included them X-rated. That said, the Nibelungenlied also contains episodes of great love, self-sacrifice, commitment, courage and honor. And it also contains a tremendous through-story, a flow of dramatic events that never lets up, as characters keep finding themselves in completely untenable positions, and try over and over to come to terms with them. Those are the elements we tried to emphasize during the various drafts."

    Biased writing? Could at least go for an R-Rating. This has PG-13 or less written all over it!

    'Nuff said! Rant over!

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    I read that artical Thecrat and OMG what in the world are they thinking. I m in total agreement with you.


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      Have these script girly men ever heard of or seen Brave Heart.I seem to remember critics and regular people thinking that movie was great.Even if it was not historically accurate,it was a down an dirty killer flick.I guess these guys are allergic to acclaim,money and awards.(First Knight was a pimple on Excalibur's arse)


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        Theocrat, I would suggest the movie BraveHeart or The Passion of the Christ if you are looking with a movie with realistic violence. Anyways, I would think that movie directors would be able to tell that the audience wants Fantasy movies which are intelligent and have characters which are not one dimensal. I know how some of you people feel about The Lord of the Rings but one reason it did well was because it was more intelligent than other Fantasy movies.


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          @ Theocrat

          I totally agree with you. After all, this is a German movie, so it can't be good.

          Best wishes,
          (who was born in Germany and lives there 8) )


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            Be afraid of Disney getting ahold of it... Couldn't believe that Disney was going to do Hunchback, because I remember the real ending...I keep wondering what's next, Disney's Romeo and Juliet,?


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              I think I'd like to see some form of stylised violence in the Elric
              picture -- maybe using Chinese models. I can't remember the title of the current hit, but from the clips I've seen that's very much how I'd like to see Elric action played. With Indian sets and costumes as an influence.
              Kill Bill's violence was considerable, but also highly stylised. I honestly think if you signify in some way (as Quentin T does) that this is a representation of violence rather than a depiction of actuality you can do a lot which will work for everyone but the most idiotic puritans. I've always argued (since this is a problem I've faced since I wrote comics as a somewhat idealistic teenager) that there's nothing wrong with violence and danger being depicted on the screen as long as you root it in the appropriate context. Indeed, it probably does some good, if you're careful with it. But I suppose I'm somewhat puritanical myself. I felt
              that a certain corner was turned in movies when Indiana Jones took out his gun and simply shot the guy coming at him with a sword. I didn't like it. A cheap laugh, in my view. I didn't like some of Peckinpah's violence, either (cf Wild Bunch) which seemed to dwell too lovingly on the entry and exit of bullets through women... I constantly sail fairly close to the edge in much of my work, and as a result I have to examine the implcations of what I'm doing. I suspect that someone like Tarantino
              does the same. The great legends and myths without violence would be a bit like the recent version of Troy, which had plenty of violence but got rid of the mythic aspect of the myth... :?

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                There has always been talk of Tarantino treating violence as a main character in his films. For all the mud slung his way, I think he probably takes his violence very seriously.

                I still remember a hideously smug edition of Late Review, the hideously smug critics' show on BBC2, where some woman was ranting about the amount of violence in Jackie Brown... her main argument was that Shakespeare never showed violence on stage, and therefore he was best. Even with my limited knowledge of The Bard I know that's a crock.

                I still chuckle over how some of the more hysterical critics condemned the ear-removal scene in Reservoir Dogs as too gory... despite the fact the camera quite prudishly moves away to show us a dim corner of the warehouse while Mr. Blonde gets his chuckles with the straight razor. And Pulp Fiction is full of stupid, pointless deaths which are (if you believe QT) there to show how dangerous guns can be in the wrong/right hands.

                Personally I'm a pacifist, and I wet myself at the very sight of a knife in real life, but when violence is done well in films I don't have any problem with it... as long as there are consequences... or a valid reason for the lack of consequences. If that makes sense.

                "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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                  I would think a sword that sucks souls would lend itself to stylized violence...


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                    Mike were you thinking of the the movie entitled Hero?


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                      Terry Gilliam

                      How about Terry Gilliam as director for Elric- that would be interesting! 8)


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                        If there is no blood in the film I will be dissapointed.
                        That sounds awful.
                        If I cut my finger I might faint.
                        Conan in the fighting pit- yeah!
                        Kill Bill- Yeah!
                        Blood and souls for Arioch!!!!


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                          That is a very important point IMO. I talked somewhere else of DIRT as an essential feature in realistic filming. This is one of my leitmotivs when talking about movies. Applies to physical dirt - man, even poo shines in most hollywood movies - AND moral dirt. Indiana jones or any mel gibson character can kill hundreds in one movie. Human lives are destroyed just like the furniture is, and lots of blood can be displayed and still be acceptable to a great part of the audience -and extremely shocking to some, like me - because there is no emotional charge. The good man kills the evil men, and these have no human reality beyond evilness. I think Elric values most of the lives he takes, and he's far from being all morally clean himself, so his killings can be less in number, and less spectacular and still have much more - positive - impact on the audience. QT saves himself from vulgarity IMO, because death in his movies is absurdous and therefore not made acceptable and rational.
                          Of course i'm advocating the exact sort of violence that censorship will not accept....


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                            just watched Alien vs Predator, lol! The monsters are horrible. People get torn to pieces. There is blood and other disgusting secretions all over the place. Stared at the whole thing with a blank eye. Did the movie industry make me insensible to violence? my ass. I still have to look away from, for example, the chainsaw scene in scarface, where nothing is actually shown. Violence is very uneasy to look at if they make you feel it's really happening. which is also when it makes sense.