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AVP: Alien vs. Predator

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  • AVP: Alien vs. Predator

    Anyone seen the trailer for this in the theatre? Looks 'interesting.'
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    Yeah, I saw it a few days ago and scarily, it looks like it could be pretty good. I remain dubious after both creature's previous outings though. Alien Resurrection was horrible and Predator 2 was, well, a bit poo. Still, that trailer probably entertained me more than those two movies combined!
    Call me cockey, but if there\'s an alien I can\'t kill, I haven\'t met him and killed him yet!


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      Its PG13, so im thinkin its gonna be watered down.


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        You'd think that this movie would have been made by now. I mean, the video games and comics were around like 10 years ago, no? People were screaming for this movie to come out back then.

        I think this one's going to be a dollar theatre outing, personally. It's probably pretty good, but I don't want to get my hopes up or waste a perfectly good several dollars that I could just as easilly spend at the concession stand. :D



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          McTalbayne said, "Its PG13, so im thinkin its gonna be watered down."

          When a film like this is rated PG-13, that means that there will be a huge merchandising effort directed at boys age 8-12. There will be lunch boxes, tee-shirts, bed sheets, games, footwear, action figures, etc. It is a shame that the producers are taking this direction, but hey, that is why they are in business. I predict that the film will be a moderate success at the box office and have mediocre as far as merchandising goes.


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            I agree totally.


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              Re: AVP

              Originally posted by Pedromon99
              mediocre as far as merchandising goes.
              I doubt it, I think it will draw in many fans of both franchises, and people who want to see things shoot and claw. Young teenagers especially. Plus, if nothing else, it will at least have cool toys that will sell well, I'm sure. Nothing wrong with that.


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                On an impulse I just went to see AVP (Alien vs Predator). I must admit I have enjoyed many aspects of both these sequences so I was rather curious to see how they would bring these two together. Well I wont spoil it, but suffice it say that overall it was entertaining. They borrowed a few things from other recent films and they hastily glossed over the characteristics of both creatures that have been described in detail in past films, but I have to say though it was fun to see these guys in action once again. A trait of the Alien films was Sigouney Weaver's very strong Female roles and whilst she was obviously not in this film there was a very attractive black lady Champion Sanaa Lathan, who stole the film and beat them all!

                Hats off to her!



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                  Im glad i get free movies. This movie had plot holes you could drive a truck through. The Dialogue was terrible, and the editing was awful. Definetly a rental if you ask me.


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                    As a huge fan of both creature designs and mythos, I would have been among the first to be horrified at this film. I must say, I was somewhat annoyed at myself for actually enjoying it! It stuck very closely to the ideas used in the books and graphic novels. I was also glad to see the design of the Aliens to be something far more in common with the original design - it looked like a cross between the original design and the James Cameron 're-design'. I was also glad to see that it didn't use an abundance of pointless special effects (facehuggers in bullet-time excluded).

                    Nothing life changing, but worthy of the magnificent creature design and certainly far, far better than Alien Resurrection and Predator 2.

                    I'll stand in the corner now...
                    Call me cockey, but if there\'s an alien I can\'t kill, I haven\'t met him and killed him yet!


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                      The Aliens Versus Predator movie Sucked! Andersson did a kinda 'outta place outta time' story. Which killed both the franchise's in a way never dreamed of by the last 2 alien directors. Placing fringe science (Von Dأ¤niken, Zecharia Sitchin) into the script shows how much of a dufus Andersson is. If they had to make this movie they should have followed in the lines of the comic. Although that one's scrawny too in some ways. I would vote not making an AVP movie at all. Although the PC games rock.

                      There have been talks though! Of a fifth Alien movie.
                      Their short comments on the movie seems to be about returning to the really creepy first Alien movie.

                      The aliens in the AVP movie remind me more of 'rabid mice' than the more gothic original in the first movie. And if done elegantly... should close the series at least with some pride left to it..

                      And hopefully Sci-Fi Horror movies will jump on to something new.

                      Even the predators where badly done in AVP..



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                        Sorry to hear this bad review, Thoecrat. I actually wanted to see the movie. Now... not so much. If they didn't bother to utilize the comic's plotline and the Aliens aren't true to the first Alien film, then I'm waiting for the DVD.

                        The "outta place outta time" part doesn't bother me greatly, being a fan of the multiverse and all...
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                          Originally posted by PsychicWarVeteran
                          The "outta place outta time" part doesn't bother me greatly, being a fan of the multiverse and all...
                          Well i'm refering to the whole atlantis/antarctica thing theorized by people like Rose & Rand Flem-Ath (more like Phlegm-Ath). People letting out bad research to fit their quasi/pseudo science religion. And the biggest BSA is Dأ¤niken. Which Andersson agree's with.... :roll:


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                            it was better than the critics' venom portrayed. i liked it well enough. CERTAINLY better than anything after Aliens, you know? it was okay, and i wouldn't mind seeing it again.


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                              Probably would've been better without all those pesky humans!
                              Don\'t blame me; I voted for Trixitroxi Ro!