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    Has anyone seen this movie yet? I saw it last night and i have to say i was very impressed. It was very well written and enjoyable overall. However, if you go in expecting a slasher horror flick, you will be highly dissapointed, like most of the people i heard leaving the theater.

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    I heard that it wasn't that good.

    I would go to it hoping that it will be scary.
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      Well the thing I enjoyed the most about it was the big twist at the end, Like all his other movies.


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        Originally posted by McTalbayne
        Well the thing I enjoyed the most about it was the big twist at the end, Like all his other movies.
        The problem is that I go into his films knowing that there's going to be a twist, and I tend to sit there trying to guess what it will be. I don't want to sound like a smart arse (too late) but I guessed how Sixth Sense and Unbreakable would end in the first twenty minutes, and I lost interest after that. I don't find his films that interesting without the twist. Sorry.

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          Well...Bah to you then.


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            I'm looking forward to this one as well. Saw The Sixth Sense the other day for the first time, although the whole world and its mother and its cat had told me the ending, I still enjoyed it because I like that less obvious method of frightening the audience.

            My flatmate, seizing on the fact that I had enjoyed The Sixth Sense so much, suggested we watch Signs the next day. Once more I screamed like a girl :lol:


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              I have yet to see signs. Was it any good?


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                Yeah, I enjoyed it - it's not as good as The Sixth Sense, but only because it's tackling a different issue, i.e. alien invasion, I suppose it loses it's subtlety towards the end, but it's still done in an interesting light. What would you do in an should flying saucers appear in the sky, etc. . .

                Nice use of claustrophbia and sound effects - like I said, I squealed shamelessly in areas, much to my flatmate's amusement.

                So, yes. Recommended. Flatmate's now bought Unbreakable - he's a bit like that when he gets on a certain bandwagon - has to buy the whole set. Fortunately we haven't got to the James Bond movies yet; then I wouldn't have a social life at all :D



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                  Saw it last night - guessed the twist half way through so spent the rest of the movie hoping my guesswork would be correct and felt quite smug when I was right. Oh, the pettiness! :lol: