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  • Airbender

    Anyone seen the ads for the new flick coming out, The Last Airbender? Funny but knew exactly what that movie was from the first 10 seconds of the ad even tho they didn't announce the name until the end. I had seen the series that is based on only once too. Talk about strongly putting the theme across in an ad. Someone must be bytching like hell tho since the entire title of the show should be Avatar: The Last Airbender but Cameron co-opted the first part of that title for this year.

    Man spends his time on devising a more idiot proof computer. The universe spends its time devising bigger idiots. So far the universe is winning.

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    Yeah my brother and sister showed me this cartoon a year or two ago and I've seen every episode. It's certainly not a series lacking in action or powerful moral points to be made. It's very intensely human at times I would say. I'm really psyched for the movie!!
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    "When the Eleatics denied motion, Diogenes, as everyone knows, came forward as an opponent. He literally did come forward, because he did not say a word but merely paced back and forth a few times, thereby assuming that he had sufficiently refuted them."
    - Sّren Kierkegaard