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Marvel Thor Film

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    seen it today and its amazing and wait till the end of the credits for a nice spoiler/teaser
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      I'm not too bothered about superhero films, but have noticed a lot of sniffy press coverage of the fact that Kenneth Branagh has directed it - mostly along the lines of "How has he been reduced to this?".

      I've never really delved back into the early days of Marvel's Thor, but Walt Simonson's amazing run on the book made it one of the titles that drew me in when I first got 'seriously' into comics.

      Probably prompted in part by the film, Marvel have issued what must be an enormous single omnibus edition of the Simonson run - 1,192 pages!

      (It could make my copy of Into the Media Web feel weedy and inadequate - I might need to keep them apart)
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        Originally posted by Brian View Post
        I don't recall the exact number off the top of my head, but I think Kirby did the first 89 or so FF comics. I'm a big fan, and I have a lot of his work in my comic book collection.
        Actually, Kirby drew the first 102 issues (with another, file issue cannibalised for issue 108) and 6 annuals, all while also drawing THOR and, more often than not, CAPTAIN AMERICA. I didn't care for the inking of the early issues, particularly that of Dick Ayers, though things picked up when Chic Stone became the regular inker around issue 28. The best period, however, coincided with Joe Sinnott taking over as inker with issue 43. That run of issues from #46-64 is one of my favourite runs of any comic ever. Sinnot remained inker for the rest of Kirby's tenure except for issues 96 & 97 and annual 5. And all of the preceeding was entirely from memory, too.

        Saw the THOR movie yesterday and loved it. Their version of the Destroyer was Jack Kirby's design brought to life, and their Asgard was just awesome.


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          Mrs Pebble and I saw it yesterday in 3D. She liked, which is unusual as she gets dragged along to these films and was impressed. I thought it was fantastic and perhaps Branagh will direct a 'New Gods' film as there were lots of similarities. Rattle along at a great pace with cameos of Luke Cage and Hawkeye? Just the right level of hmour and action.

          I missed the teaser at the end, unfortunately.

          Only regret, I just wished Jack had seen it.
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            Chris Hemsworth was so great as Thor. Can't wait to see him alongside Downey's Tony Stark in The Avengers film.

            SLIGHT SPOILER

            Talking of Hawkeye, keep an eye out for the Jeremy Renner cameo, where he grabs a bow instead of a gun and climbs into a crane to target Thor.


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              The teaser

              You should always stay 'til the end of the credits in a Marvel movie. Sometimes the teaser is trivial, other times they're wonderful. For those who missed it, the teaser after the THOR credits...


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                Also keep an eye out for Odin's eight legged horse Sleipnir, who appears in one scene.


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                  I quite enjoyed it, though found the start to be a bit dull.

                  Was rather surprised towards the end when...


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                    Originally posted by Rob Hansen View Post
                    The best period, however, coincided with Joe Sinnott taking over as inker with issue 43.
                    I concur 100%! As far as comic book art is concerned, Kirby/Sinnott is a high-water mark for me.
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                      I saw this film recently, and i have to say i thought it was absoloutly dreadfull, it felt like a bad American soap opera, im not too keen on superhero movies but i was expecting a bit better than this, have to say the actor who played Thor did keep me watching till the end, what a body...


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                        yeah, i saw Thor in the theater and thought it was dreadful too, and i don't even care for man-muscles, so it was worse for me then pixi.


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                          I'll chime in on this and add . . . I thought it was bloody awful, and the lead couldn't act his way out of a wet noodle. But that's just me.
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                            I saw it dvd.
                            Thor is absolutely f**king awful!
                            Very illogical, stupid ending.

                            Loki does'nt even know what he is planning! Not that hard to take over and kill the king, for crying out loud! It's a simple plan! Kings in odin sleep, get a sword, cut off his head, voila, you are the king!
                            Incredibley boring film.
                            Wanted to kill the lot of them the entire time.

                            Something is seriously wrong when a race of advanced superpowered beings in a golden city is so boring you want a hell beast to carve them all up and massacre them!

                            The man who played Thor is handsome, wasted in this joke of film.
                            However handsome he is in it, I can't think of or look at Thor the superheroe in anything without feeling revulsion and deep, deep murderous hatred.
                            I loathe and despise Thor the superheroe.

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