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  • L'Etranger
    Veteran Moorcockista
    • Dec 2003
    • 4772


    A very endearing German movie I recently saw after it got a "Special Jury award" at the 2003 Venice Festival: SCHULTZE GETS THE BLUES by Michael Schorr, a newcomer with his first movie. (They'll probably rename him "Shaw" if Hollywood calls him one day). Very touching, great photography, poetry and a bucketful of intelligent humour too.

    From the movie's website:

    "Schultze gets the blues" tells the story of Schultze. Schultze has spent his whole life in a small town in Saxon-Anhalt near the river Saale. Schultze's life, divided between work and the pub, the allotment, folk music and fishing, is rudely interrupted when he and his mates Manfred and Jأ¼rgen are made redundant. As entropy sets in and maintaining the daily routine deteriorates into a farce, Schultze discovers a life on the other side of the hill.

    The other side of the hill ... well the story gets the fat man, who we don't find very appetizing at first, as far as New Braunfels in Texas (Mike, hark!) and the Louisana swamps. The feel of this film set in a triste, forlornly poetic, workers' environment reminded me much of British films in similar realistic, settings (early Ken Loach, also "Billy Eliot" etc) and I found it very interesting to let my eye and heart wander in this, post-socialist East German ambient.
    Hope some of you have a chance to see this fat German miner on screebn somewhere at a festival or at an arthouse cinema. Galway in July?
    Google ergo sum

  • Jules
    Eternal Companion
    • Jan 2004
    • 609

    L'Etranger - thanks very much for the recommendation. Probably have to wait for the next local International film festival to catch it.