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Brazilian World Cup thread

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    Not in our wildest dreams did we mistake you, Zlogdan, for a staunch supporter of the Brazilian government, don't worry. It is an over-all feat of the people gathered at Miscellany to take a critical and watchful position towards their own and all other governments, I think.

    And now to round this up with a couple of great pictures of football (soccer) playing kids in Africa:

    Google ergo sum


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      "My" "country" does not represent me either, nor the football (soccer) team or any other. But I have to admit I am relieved whenever another country is selected to hold the world cup or the olympic games.

      This is the mayor of Madrid (nobody voted her, by the way) - listening how she speaks I know why nobody pays attention to her.


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        Hey Iosu, the very same thing happens here. You know Brazil also needs to bear two of Spain's national "treasures" Telefonica and Santander.

        I have a real hard time having to admit that I have been a huge former supporter of PT and Lula ( Brazil main party ).
        "From time to time I demonstrate the inconceivable, or mock the innocent, or give truth to liars, or shred the poses of virtue.(...) Now I am silent; this is my mood." From Sundrun's Garden, Jack Vance.
        "As the Greeks have created the Olympus based upon their own image and resemblance, we have created Gotham City and Metropolis and all these galaxies so similar to the corporate world, manipulative, ruthless and well paid, that conceived them." Braulio Tavares.