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  • Under the Influence of... MM

    A while back I read this interview with author Richard Morgan (actually, I read it after following a Fortean Times link posted by somebody here, so... uhhh... squaring the cosmic circle or something). I thought it might be of interest to others here and so I'm finally getting around to posting the link:

    Here's the reason it might be of interest:
    "I always loved old-school sword-and-sorcery. Moorcock’s work is among my favourites, and I think I always had a hankering to write some of my own."
    Maybe if anybody else finds similar interviews from other writers openly acknowledging the influence, they could add them in? Might make for a nice collection.
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    The list is huge, quoting from memory I can mention:

    Neil Gaiman
    Alan Moore
    Jeff Vandermeer
    Tad Williams
    Warren Ellis
    China Mieville

    I bet the list is huge...
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      Even though he's not specifically a writer, we could always throw in Gary Gygax. He freely admitted to being influenced by Monsieur Moorcock's work (among others) in his co-creation of D&D, as discussed in this recent thread.
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        Try this thread for starters:
        Looking for authors who have been influenced by Moorcock