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Was Rambo a S&S film?

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  • Was Rambo a S&S film?

    Rambo (2008)

    Was Rambo really a S&S film?
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    Interesting analogy. Not sure that I totally agree, but I see what the guy is saying. Thanks for sharing.



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      I am sure, I totally disagree.


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        Ummm, no. No it isn't.
        And I say this as someone who is quite happy for movies to be looked at in unexpected ways, for instance I once had a hand to hand instructor who had been in Vietnam who maintained that "Aliens" was the best Vietnam movie ever made, except for the bit in Preditor where they use a minigun to mow down a hectair of jungle and areant sure if they hit anything.


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          I agree with some of his points, at least on a structural basis. More precisely, perhaps, Rambo is a 'hero's journey' of the type Joseph Campbell talks about. The hero is sought for a quest. He is at first reluctant. He makes a long journey fraught with danger, etc etc. So there are parallels with heroic fantasy.
          As Mike is fond of noting, the viewer brings his own interpretations to the work. I could just as easily compare Rambo to a Western, particularly the 'retired gunfighter' theme. The gunfighter doesn't want to get involved with the range war and the evil cattle baron. The pretty school marm pleads with him and he relents, etc etc. Still a hero's journey.
          I replied to the post, saying that I'd had a similar reaction to the second Riddick film, seeing it as a Conan movie. The head bad guy from the Necro-mongers really is a sorcerer, and though ray guns are available, Riddick spends most of the movie fighting with a blade. It even ends with him seizing a throne by his own hand, just as Conan did.
          In Rambo and Riddick, a lot is made of the hero's prowess. People around him are awed and frightened by his power and ferocity. That's very Conan-ish.


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            I agree with the Riddick/Conan comparison. It even looks tighter when you realize the both are thought of and used as pawns by those who think the throne should rightfully be theirs and haven't the slightest clue that maybe the savage outsider just might grab the crown for himself. I have to believe given this, and the use of prophecy in the stories, in Riddick and both Conan and Kull, someone read a bit of Howard somewhere along the way.

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