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The Most Influential Science-Fiction Books Of All Time

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  • The Most Influential Science-Fiction Books Of All Time

    The Most Influential Science-Fiction Books Of All Time

    In his introduction to the 2002 reissue of Ellison's anthology, contributor Michael Moorcock wrote of Ellison's collections: "He changed our world ...


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    The best story in the original Dangerous Visions might possibly be "Faith of our Fathers" by Philip K Dick (nominated for the 1968 Hugo award.)

    I'm not fully certain of this given my highly variable memory but i do believe that one story rejected by Harlan Ellison for inclusion in the anthology was a submission by Thomas M. Disch.

    Regardless Linda and Daniel and Spike was that same year published in New Worlds magazine December 1967 # 178.

    Tom Disch did finally make an appearance in Again, Dangerous Visions 2 with the tale Things Lost.

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      If it is influence that we're after, Asimov or Neuromancer likely take the title.


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        One of the first Harlan Ellison stories i ever read ( at the age of 11) One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty absolutely reduced me to tears.

        If that isn't influence then i don't know what is.

        Critics are often scathing about how loquacious Harlan was just as i am positive that some new readers of Generation Z who have actually ( and inadequately ) read H.E tales at the more extreme edge of his range would dismiss him as some sort of twisted dinosaur from the 1950's.

        Michael Moorcock in this Fora has already described Harlan's generosity of spirit. The Dangerous Visions and Again, Dangerous Visions anthologies in terms of their ambition and purpose in the aim of kick starting the careers of beginning writers are proof positive of this.

        Later....Actually, given the really heterogeneous selection of contributors to both collections very few of the writers selected were so much "new" as i guess obscure and under published. Some of them such Gene Wolfe became very successful later on and others including the worthy David R. Bunch author of Moderan have been all but forgotten. As Kurt Vonnegut, Jr once put it : So it goes...
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        Mwana wa simba ni simba

        The child of a lion is also a lion - Swahili Wisdom