To all Forum Members,

As an Environmental Scientist myself, I have, predictably, strong opinions on the whole environmental debate.

Whilst I would love to indulge in a free for all on the issue on this site, what I am specifically looking for here is if anyone has any knowledge of writers dealing with any 'what if' stories about the consequences of mismanagement of the environment?

Something like 'Fatherland' but about the future fate of the environment, rather than politics (which of course includes the 'other means' of war).

I remember finishing my BSc in the subject and wondering whether to go on to my MSc because the of likelihood of discovering further depressing revelations about environmental degradation.

There is a world of difference between what 'Exxonnerated' politicians will reveal to the voting public when their term will be up before the long terms problems hit home. You only have to look at the 'desert' the Grand Banks has become to realise how difficult it is to pin blame to retired leaders for the consequences of their short term thinking.