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INTERVIEW: Erin Hoffman on Gaming and 'Sword of Fire | SF Signal

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  • INTERVIEW: Erin Hoffman on Gaming and 'Sword of Fire | SF Signal

    An interesting - and I think generous - comment from Erin Hoffman on being 'influenced' by Mike's writing without having read any Moorcock:

    SFS: Let's drill into Sword of Fire and Sea some more. I read a tweet from Lou Anders that he compared the book to Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion and Avatar: the Last Airbender. Having read the book, I see where he is coming from. What sort of fantasy have you read/consumed, and continue to enjoy? And for that matter, about non-genre fiction or non fiction?

    EH: What's interesting about Lou's comment is that at the time I had experienced neither Avatar nor Eternal Champion, though of course I was familiar with Moorcock. It was kind of eerie to go seek them out after he said that and see how much we were all playing in the same pools. I think I got a lot of Moorcock's concepts three or four generations away from where he created them -- concepts of order versus chaos that wound up in Dungeons & Dragons, and however those ideas migrated to Japanese RPGs. In later descriptions Lou has added Final Fantasy to the mix to describe what I do, and I think that's fair (and I'm more directly familiar!).
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