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a Darklord novel series

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  • a Darklord novel series

    Hi I would like to create a novel series that was inspired by the Video Game Overlord, basically it's about a Dark Lord this first is his rise to power and yes it will have some Dark Humor too it.

    The Duchy of Posen is were lands were the novel and first book starts in, and his Dark Empire is based on Prussia and the Second Reich. This Dark Lord will be a Fantasy version of the Kaiser,


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    Good luck with that!

    You might want to drop in on this thread as it happens: not quite a rags-to-power story from a dark lord POV, but at least the POV of "the other guys" making its way into literature.


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      Well I read those links and they are informantive for me, but Sauron in the movies was based on evil Black Knight template and which the player character of the Overlord series is based on as well.

      William Holstein which is my character named, his family have bin farmers famous for there cows and horses, and infamous for there Beer. But Wiliam was born with a mind and desire not to spend the rest of his life on the family farm, so he went to the city of Posen hoping to make his forture but he ended taking a Corrspondence course on Evil. William experience in Posen made him seek out Evil and Dark Lording has his path in life, due to the simple fact the city born people treated him like dirt and even the Duchy noble family Graf Posen treated him like the common mob worse he was smarter then them even the ruling family of this Duchy.

      His books that he ordered to learn from tell him which monsters would make good Minions, Goblins, Gnolls, and Orcs.

      Yes I do realized that I'm use D&D monsters, my main character aligment would LE.