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Some Champions Of Norrath Qs

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  • Some Champions Of Norrath Qs

    I have got Champions Of Norrath.

    Its great.

    But the fartherst i got do far is the Underdark.

    I got as far as the lava fields, track down the head orc, and find Tenya the lords girl.

    But i couldnt find her or the orc.

    I found the extracter, the Lava Runner, and i cant find the Lava Pump.

    I just drove around in the lava runner and i couldnt find the Lava Pump. It must be somewhere you cant get by foot.

    Where is it? Where can it be?

    And where is Tenya? I didnt find any gnome girls anywhere.

    Is she in the lava fields where i got to, or after the extracter is put back in the Lava Pump?

    Where is she?

    Anyone know? I know the areas are randomly generated, but they are basically the same.

    I have room for only one game on my Memory card. So i tried out different characters. I have a Drow Shadow Knight at the moment.

    I tried the code to make a super character but it doesnt work. It said on one that it only works on North American versions.

    Is that true?

    I sometimes wish CON had invunrability cheats. Like Balders Gate Dark Alliance 1 and 2. They are by the same peoiple.

    Can anyone help me?

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    First of all you need to use the lava runner to cross the lava to a remote island with a building on it which houses the lava pump. It can be a bit tricky to find. Once the lava pump is repaired, when you head back to the entrance, you should get an fmv cut scene with some lava elementals and chap who lives in the building close to the entrance, who shows you the entrance to a new area where you will eventually meet Tenya.

    Sorry I can't help with the cheats. There's a comprehensive gaming site on the web called which might have the answer:


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      Thank you Grey Mouser.

      I found an island with a broken bridge. I got to it but there was nothing there

      Maybe i missed it.

      I am going to pay more attention to what they tell me and look closer at the cut scenes. I was distracted at the time, and missed something.

      Is it in the area within the pipes that run around? Or is there a gap in the pipes somehwhere? Is it beyond the area where you get the lava runner?

      I got a shock when i got to drive the lava runner. I didnt realise there was driving.

      Where is this island, precisely?

      Is it near the station with the sealed portal, or elsewhere?

      Can you tell me?

      What is it near?


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        Hi Yolanda - I grabbed this from the faq website as I haven't played it for a couple of years and my memory tends to decompose.

        Originally posted by
        Drive along the perimeter of the area counterclockwise. Eventually you will find the island on which the lava pump sits.


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          Thank you Grey Mouser.

          That sounds like it might work.

          I found some islands but no lava pump, yet.

          If i could i'd skip this level.

          Ive got a Male Drow Shadow Knight now. He is voiced by the same man as Drizzt Do'Urden I think.

          I found some areas where there are lava monsters and fire beetles. maybe its there.

          Is it near Kol, the gnome mechanic?


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            I have to agree that this is one of the more frustrating bits of the game. I checked back over at gamefaqs and found a better answer than the previous one above:

            Originally posted by
            Q: Where should I ride the lava runner to?
            A: The map is randomly generated, but your destination should be on
            the far left or right of your original entrance. You will see a larger
            island with a tower, with some pipings forming a central passage. Park
            your vehicle and approach the tower to fix it.


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              Yes! It worked.

              The walkthrough is so good i printed it out.

              I dont normally use cheats and walkthoughs so early in a game, but this was needed.

              CON is hard. Harder than i thought it would be.