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Draken The Aincients Gates Question/s

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  • Draken The Aincients Gates Question/s

    I am playing other games at the moment but i was reminded of something to do with another game,

    I Draken The Aincients Gates, i found three swords of the Order Of The Flame.

    But the last sword, i have not found yet in any of my games on it.

    Its the last one right at the end at the palace at the end. The one where you fight the two dragons.

    i found 3 stones. I think you must put them in diferent areas to get the sword. One goes in a stone circle, one in the palace of the Goul king, the other one, i havent found the place for.

    And where is it going to appear, when you find the place for the stone? Does it appear there in the area where the last stone goes? Or does it appear near her when you complete it? Or is it elsewhere?

    Do any of you know the answer?

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        Thank you Grey Mouser.

        I KNEW there was something about those boxes in the grull base!

        Do you mean the boxes that rise in a stair at the corner bfore you go back and go up to rescue the boy?

        Where is the place in the grull base?


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          Your instincts were correct. Once you've used the boxes to get up to the ledge above you should see a small stone plinth, similar to the other two, into which you place the last stone.


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            Thank you, Grey Mouser.