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Final Fantasy

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  • Final Fantasy

    I am a huge fan of this series, especially VI, VII, VIII, and IX

    What does everyone else think of it?

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    I wanted to sample something from this series so I played FFX about 2 yrs ago. I was impressed with the graphics and motion capture and life-like 3d animation (which I thought was underused), esp the stunning FMV. Also liked the characters and character interaction, and the way you could influence how to develop the skills of the characters. Some great music too.

    Some annoying bits were the frequency of random encounters, the sheer amount of trinkets you have to micromanage, and no way to turn off the repetetive battle music.

    Still it rates as one of the best games I've played.


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      I'm a big fan of the FF games; I've played FF IV through X-2 to completion, and I plan to buy FFXII when it comes out next week. My personal favorite is VIII, as I'm one of those rare gamers who really likes and identifies with Squall. I love his gunblade too. Some part of my love for FFVIII is certainly nostalgia, as VIII was the first console RPG that I had the chance to play. But I also think it has among the best plotting and characterization of the many RPG's that I've played. The ending to FFVIII, in my opinion, is one of the best in gaming history.

      Writing this post has put me in the mood for playing Japanese RPG's. This is unfortunate, as I'm at school this moment and have no access to my consoles.


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        I'm home for the weekend and I've had a chance to play a bit of FFXII. It's incredibly good. If I had a PS2 with me at school, I'd never get anything done. The FF series has not lost its touch.


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          I love VIII, and I really identify with Squall also, it really was an amazing story.

          I want to get XII as soon as possible, it looks awesome, though I am skeptical about it. After playing X and X-2 I was really losing faith in the series. X was absolutely horrible in every single aspect in my opinion, I dont even own a copy anymore. I really hope XII's story and characters are better, I NEVER want to see another Tidus...

          X-2 was better, but it really didnt feel like a Final Fantasy game, and I hated the music.

          Yes, the ending of VIII was incredible, I want to play through it again after this reminiscence.


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            FF7 is the best one. A first I didn't like it because of the graphics but after several hours of wandering in the slums I thought there is something in it, after meeting Aerith I decided it's TRUE, and after the flashback in Nibelheim I understood that I'm into the world of the game and all the heroes, from Tifa to Sephiroth


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              I liked Final Fantasy 7, never really got into the storyline of the other games. I tried FF10 but never really found myself getting into the characters all that much.

              The old Black Isle RPGs are some of the best games ever made - Fallout 2 and Planescape Tormet.
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