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The Black Blade in new a Chinese game?

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  • The Black Blade in new a Chinese game?

    Was Michael allowed to put his input on this at all?
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    I don’t think it’s plagiarism of the sort it just looks like a black sword..


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      I have to agree. I don't see it as plagiarism either, but certainly influenced/inspired by Stormbringer and its sister sword Mournblade to some degree. It isn't runic like those blades, but the description definitely lends itself to being influenced by Mike's creation.
      "He found a coin in his pocket, flipped it. She called: 'Incubus!'
      'Succubus,' he said. 'Lucky old me.'" - Michael Moorcock The Final Programme


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        A vampiric black blade pretty much sups from the pool of Mike.
        This seems to be yet another bland copy of the same thing adding not a single thing of invention or character.
        I wonder just how many folks who know the trope haven't the slight idea where it came from? Most I assume.
        I think Mike is likely the source for the vampiric blade trope: particularly Mike's mix of power-at-cost and addiction (which is often easier to seen in the JC equivalents)
        Obs Mike also takes influence from those gone before, particularly in this regard to the Kalevala with the "bad sentient sword"
        But Mike added to the source, didn't just clone it.