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I'm dying over here - a newbie cry for help

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  • I'm dying over here - a newbie cry for help

    How do I check the Newbie Guide? I tried every known verb and still...

    Oh, I sense this is going to be very hard...

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    Newbie Guide

    Blast! I was going to get on the MUD now and make sure I'm right... but the library has TELNET blocked. Oh well. I'm pretty sure it is just "Read Newbie" or "Look Newbie"

    Don't worry... the hardest part of a MUD is learning the commands. But once you do it'll be very simple. I'm going to work on getting a list of "Commonly Used Commands" together which I will post on the MUD: How To section.



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      I used the READ GUIDE command...

      Now I have a bigger problem: How do I leave the morgue...


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        Newbie Questions

        You're killing me Lord Marioh!!! It just seems so funny to me, I haven't been a newbie in so long. That's a damn good question and it just seems so simple to me, but you wouldn't have anyway of knowing.

        In SB:R and most MUDs (and even some games now) they give the character an unusual power, this power is called "Recall." You see, when you're in trouble or need to leave a place you can't get out of, you can "recall" and be sent to a certain place in the MUD. So by typing "Recall" in SB:R it will take you back to a place where all the players call "Recall" (it's actually a temple... but everyone calls it "Recall" so if anyone ever tells you to "go to recall" or "meet me at recall" that's what they mean).

        Recalling takes away half of your "moves" temporarily. But those come back when you rest. There is one thing you should know about recalling though - In some places it doesn't work. We call these places "no recall" rooms. They aren't very common and the builders don't use that option very much so you don't really have to worry about it. I'm just letting you know incase you decide to recall sometime and it just doesn't work.

        Heh... that also reminds me. Goldar - you might remember this, I think you helped me out of this a few times. When I was a newbie I had this nack for getting myself into trouble. And one of the weird things I kept doing was somehow I kept "falling" into this room where there were no exits and no_recall. It was a men's clothing store and I'll never forget the salesman - he was my best friend for a long time. You see... if you are ever trapped in a room that has no exits and no recall YOU ARE TRAPPED. Litterally. I had to wait for an IMM (Immortal, the staff of SB:R) to get me out every time. And sometimes there are no IMMs online. I waited in that blasted clothing store for 3 hours one night, all alone and screaming over the OOC channel for someone to dig me out. It was most humerous. The strangest thing is, no one knew how I kept ending up there, not even me. It was a glitch in the system. I think it's been fixed - it hasn't happened for a while. And as far as I know, I'm the only one it has happened to, it was weird. If I didn't know better I'd say the Gods are Crazy and playing tricks on me.