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Legacy Of Kain.

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  • Legacy Of Kain.

    I realise that there probably isn't much room for discussion on videogames in this forum, but I am curious for Mr Moorcock's thoughts on this particular title. It was actually this game series that introduced me to the works of The Eternal Champion and after having read more, I can see many parables, for example; the soul eating sword Soul Reaver, the lead character Raziel being rescued by The Elder God after his betrayal and the entire talks of fate and lack of free will. It strikes me that the series was inspired immensly by The Eternal Champion and in particular, Elric.

    Is it just me on this one?
    Call me cockey, but if there\'s an alien I can\'t kill, I haven\'t met him and killed him yet!

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    We actually have a videogame forum here, although little conversation goes on there. I think that the games were most definitely inspired by the Elric series, although they do not credit Mr. M. to my knowledge. I enjoyed the first game, but I am of the opinion that the series went downhill from there. Too many block puzzles (although i haven't played the most recent one to be fair).