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Help on finding Balders Gate Dark Alliance 2 for the PS2

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  • Help on finding Balders Gate Dark Alliance 2 for the PS2

    This is a plea for help. My brother wants to get a copy of Balders Gate Dark Alliance2. He has failed so far. He may have to get a second hand copy. The first one was and its perfect. Anyone know where there is any? They appear to be limited in amount. Id really love to play it. The Necrmancer looks ace. The thought of getting others to do your fighting is good. Please help as ideas are running out. It would have to be a PS2 game.

    Al help would be apreciated.

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    It shouldn't be that hard to get hold of. I just found five of them on eBay.


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      Thanks. He says he hasnt looked lately.


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        I saw one at Blockbuster Video used for like 10 bucks.


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          He got one, a second hand but perfect. Its ace! Im playing as Dorn the Barbarian. I think ill play as the cleric next and the monk after that. I may play as all! I dont like those who only use light to medium weapons.