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real life RPG

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  • weapon-zero
    Wanderer of the Mittel March
    • Dec 2003
    • 13

    real life RPG

    Hi all, Im part of a real life RPG association in France, we've been doing many games for the past three years, but I'd like to launch a new scenario, within a totally new world.
    I thought that the Elric realms, with the young kingdoms, were pretty nice for it's diversity, and was thinking of maybe using it as a base...

    any of you out there got any ideas ?

  • Artemis
    Moonbeam Traveller
    • Dec 2003
    • 3

    Hi Alex,

    Your idea sounds interesting, although most of the references we have of the young kingdoms are about Nadsokor the city of beggars, or the Isle of the Purple Towns which was merchant island – harbour city…

    I have never played real RPG’s so my understanding is that they are run in parks or forests (sorry if I am a bit clueless :oops: )

    The only thing that comes to mind , I guess you could run a campaign where the characters have to go to the ancient Melnibonian city of R’lin K’ren A’a (The Sailor on the Seas of Fate) where you have to pass from a jungle inhabited my half human half reptilian creatures…obviously you can add other difficulties on the way…

    I hope this is some help… have you thought of a particular young kingdom that you would like to base your game on? Oh and if you run this game let me know, if I m in the neighbourhood I might join you…



    • Guest's Avatar

      Real RPGs and Elric

      Hello !
      I'm a french MM fan and old (ten years) Stormbringer gamemaster. Never did real RPGs (lack of time, enthousiasm and money until now) but the idea to set one in the Young Kingdoms is really enjoying, though...difficult !
      So you want some ideas ? I have read all the Stormbringer and Elric sourcebooks (and MM novels, for sure) - they have some good ideas - maybe you know them already... Storm's books are better than Elric's. I have developped my own version of the world of Elric, with some "innovations" : I have develloped the Dharzis, the Dead Gods (and created new exotic gods : Sykhros Ouros, and so on...), some very beautiful cities like Karlaak...
      The main difficulties will be the location... How to find a good location which will be enough appealing ?
      Your idea is thriving, I will think about it and post all my suggestions. See you soon !

      Colwin Lyber from Kamarg



      • Guest's Avatar

        I have had the same thoughts about live-action role playing in the Young Kingdoms, though I live in Sweden (we have many good wilderness areas). The place I had in mind was southern Ilmiora, uncomfortably close to the Forest of Troos. I think there are plenty of wilderness areas in the Young Kingdoms which could be used as a setting for a live-action role playing game, using concepts from the books if not places that have been actually described. For example, my idea features such things as worship of the Chaos gods and the degenerate men of Org, although it never actually enters into King Gutheran's Court or the Unholy Fortress.


        • ColwinLyber
          Nomad of the Time Streams
          • Dec 2003
          • 39

          Yeaaah ! Sweden must be a great place to play in the Nameless Mountains or something like this...
          Sahara should be fine for the Sighing Desert ... Nobody could come and be puzzled by a group of fools who carry sword at their sides while shouting "Blood and souls for my lord Arioch !!!" :lol:
          See you soon to discuss RPG, if you're here yet...