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McTalbaynes Game Reviews 11/27/04

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  • McTalbayne
    Eternal Companion
    • Jan 2004
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    McTalbaynes Game Reviews 11/27/04

    I just rented X-Men legends this weekend. WOW, what a great game. Im abig RPG buff so i didnt go into it expecting anything amazing, but i have to say that i was pleasantly surprised. A fun fighting system, an actual leveling up system, plus the ability to change armor and accessories. If youre a Huge Marvel Comics fan like me Youll love this game.

    I also rented Call of Duty: Finest Hour. I love WW2 games, and anything to do with that time period. The game is fun, however, when you kill someone theres a lenghty death animation that seems to take forever. Therefor you spend extra ammunition on someone whos in the process of dying, needlesly. Plus the fact that you cant decide when to save, the game does it Automatically for you, can be frustrating when you die and have to go do the sdame things over and over just to keep getting to the point you died at. Over all its not a BAD game, the Graphics are good and the Atmosphere sucks you in. Not good enough to shell out $50 though. Rent this For your console, but buy the PC versions with the Expansion. Theyre 100X better and id sing their praises all day long if I could.

    I figured id do all the gamers here a service by letting them know what games ive played recently and how i think they are. Plus i hope everyone else will do the same, thatway no ones wastes hard earned money on a steaming Turd Disguised as a DVD-Rom. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

    P.S. Pardon my grammar and spelling. When im fervent about typing something i tend not to pay attention to that stuff.
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