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What is the pss2 game Dragonquest like?

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  • What is the pss2 game Dragonquest like?

    Has anyone heard of a game called Dragonquest. Its got a dragon called arokk and female rider called Ryynn or Ryyn. I am thinkng of getting it but arnt sure, It looks a bit early ps2 . It might be a modertnised early game conceept. Itsa by thalion. I like the look of it.

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    Hi Yolanda. I'm only aware of Rynn and Arokh coming from a game for the PS2 called Drakan, the Ancients Gates, and an earlier PC incarnation in The Order of the Flame. I'm a bit of a fan of these games so can only recomend them. In both, Rynn starts out on foot and must complete a quest before she's get's to ride the dragon Arokh. Once she team's up with Arokh the game's really take off, so to speak.

    I'm not familiar with any earlier versions though. Any fans of the older games out there who can help?


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      I have seen draken the ancient gates and seen mentioned the flame one. It said the earlier one was a atari groundbreaker game in graphics and gameplay in the 80s 90s on a website . The game was gone when i went to the supermarket but ive not given up. My spidy senses tingled at draken etc before. Ive seen draken reviewed, so its new maybe, but i couldnt tell cos the teletext went funny. I would like to get draken, when i get the chance. Is it hard ? I can handle most but im good not great. I can play so long as its not deeply hard or badly made. Can you recommend any other games? RPG and adventure are what i like. Lots of fighting and stuff.I like to be able to walk round and freestyle fight. I would like to try ff games but the turn based fights are a little bit daunting. :twisted:


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        Now i think about it it was probably draken i saw so thanks for giving the names. Dragon quest was the old game it was based on.


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          I'd say Drakan - Ancients Gates for the PS2 was a moderate dificulty game. It sounds like you'd have no problem with it. The controls are fluid and intuitive once you get used to them and follow a similar pattern both on the ground and on dragonback so the transition from ground to air is fairly seamless. The only tip is to use the target lock facility for aerial combat if you find the air combat tricky (I used it all the time). It's the sort of game you can get out on rental and complete in a weekend if you've a weekend free, but it could probably be found for a reasonable price 2nd hand I would imagine.

          The only FF game I've played is no. 10. I enjoyed it, and can recommend it, but it's a real time-stealer at 70+ hours to complete.

          Champions of Norrath is a PS2 combat adventure game you might like to look at. Great graphics. Plot is very linear (like a string of pearls), not much role playing to speak of beyond your choice of character class, but each sucsessive area (pearl) is large and free roaming, with stacks of combat. This is a new game so expensive to buy. Might be worth sampling on rental

          If you play PC RPG's try Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 plus expansions or, even better, Planescape Torment for a plane-hopping adventure with a macabre twist. Planescape is a wierd, witty and haunting PC RPG. The only character you get to play is The Nameless One, who gets to meet a variety of offbeat companions (like Morte, the floating sarcastic skull). Because it focuses on one character the roleplay options are fuller and more convincing. All BG's and Planescape will be available for bargain prices these days as they're showing their age.


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            FF Games - 7 is the one to go for. Albino swordsmen and swords of great power? Check. It's a lot better than 8 (the world seemed to empty in 8, plus I didn't get on with the whole cadet school type stuff). It's only PS1, but I think it still stands up because it's a well made game.

            Turn based combat isn't that hard to get into - personally I like it, can play with a cup of tea in one hand, and at your own pace.

            I'm looking forward to 12 though - pictures show airships and cities.


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              I have a friend who is an afficionado of the FF series and he shares your opinion that 7 is the best Jules. I think I have been spoiled by the excellent graphics on ff10 and don't think I could go back now. Turn based combat I found to be a great change of pace. Success is determined by the decisions you make rather than your speed with the attack button so to speak.

              Do you have a good link for ff12? How far is it in development?


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                The main website is but it's largely in Japanese and afraid I don't have much idea when it's actually due.

                I'd give VII a shot in that it's graphically not that bad as most of it is done using pre-rendered backgrounds so it doesn't show it's age as badly as the 3D parts.

                I've got - but not got round to playing - the earlier ones. I can't really face RPGs in summer, got to be when it's those long winter evenings.
                Maybe the way to go with these is play them on the Game Boy Advance where they're going to look as good as many GBA games anyway??


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                  I am wrong again, There is a game called dragonquest and itas japanesee , I saw a game about a shamed knight with a mask on his face who has to save the world ,female, reputation etc Its the magic and warriors series,(got that wrong but cant remember name) I like the look of it, Is it any good? Im stuck on balders gate 1. I cant get past those damn ice cubes and goo monsters. Its cos ive got Adrianna the sorcererr , WHO DOSNT USE TWO HANDED WEAPONS AND CANT CARRY MUCH!!!!!! Im going to cheat and up her levels. slightly dispiriting when you get stuck like that.I hardly try at the moment. Thats not to say im rubbish at at games or course. 8) :twisted: :D :lol: :o