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  • Open Office

    Has anybody had experience of running Open Office on Windows? My wife is threatening to take her laptop to work, leaving me without an office suite during the day and I don't really want to shell out £250 for MS Office Professional if I don't have to. If anybody could help with the following, I'd be grateful:

    1. Is it easy to translate between Word and Open Office's word processor if the documents you are using make heavy use of tables?

    2. Is it easy to transfer Access files into Open Office's database?

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    Yes and yes.
    The only thing that doesn't work in Open office is Microsoft Macros, otherwise it's pretty much seamless.


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      Infinite complexity according to simple rules.


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        RdF, I think you meant to to post the link in the G00gle Spies thread...
        Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.
        -Yousuf Karsh


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          I know that this is late for this thread, but in case anybody else is looking at OO, it works the same almost exactly as MSOffice, BUT you have to be very careful when saving and transferring files. I have had many instances where a file was saved as rtf or doc like I specified, but certain properties kept it labeled as ODT, thus making it unopenable by any other program. Also, a lot of email clients have been capturing OO attachments, even when saved as .doc due to properties and the hex markers inherent in OO documents.