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Home Automation gadgets and toys.

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  • danskmacabre
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    Home Automation gadgets and toys.

    Home automation has been somewhat of a thing for a while now.
    But it seems like it's quite a bit better and a LOT cheaper now than it has been in the past.

    I've been kind of interested in this sort of thing for a while now, but not enough to actually get into it until recently.

    What kicked it off was, I have a YouTube Premium account (a subscription to remove ads) and Google have been giving away Google nests (a sort of smart speaker which you can give orders to and so on).
    As I have a family subscription, both my kids and I got a free Google nest each.
    So I set these up in the kitchen, games room and my bedroom.
    They were kind of fun to get to play music, podcasts etc.

    Later, we had to goto the obligatory family Xmas dinner at a relatives. So we decide to stop at a local electronics store and I got a Google display/Speaker system, which was fun to play back stuff on and whilst I was there I bought some Colour smart bulbs.

    After some research I find that the fluorescent tubes we use all over our house are very energy inefficient, so I get some table lamps, standing lamps and 5 metre LED smart colour strips for some walls too (mostly along a wall where bookshelves are.

    Actually setting up the software is via installing a Google home app and linking with software from the bulbs and LED strips manufacturer, which took a fair bit of messing about. But once you get used to some of the pitfalls of setting things up, it's not that hard.

    Now the whole house has the fluorescent lights replaced and all the google nests and google display can transmit orders to the lights anywhere in the house.
    It's quite nice how if you're watching a movie, you can set the color tone in the house to the movie you're watching.
    That and voice dimming/brightening lights too.

    I also found this infrared transmitter to control the TV via voice remote too which integrates with Google assistant devices, which was a lot of fun and pretty convenient. No more searching in the Sofa to find the damn controller!

    Anyway, overall, I find home automation at a pretty good price point and for the price, actually kind of useful/helpful.

    Anyone else playing around with this sort of thing?
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