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Arthur C. Clarke: Rocket Station Prediction 60th Anniversary

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  • Arthur C. Clarke: Rocket Station Prediction 60th Anniversary

    I've just listened to a rather good interview with Arthur C. Clarke, on BBC Radio4. The 'Listen Again' link should be up shortly. :)

    Sixty years ago this month, in October 1945, the magazine Wireless World published an article by a relatively unknown writer and rocket enthusiast. Its title was: "Extra-Terrestrial Relays: Can Rocket Stations Give World Wide Radio Coverage?" Today, the author's name is known throughout the world. He is the science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke, and his prediction of satellite communications has come true in ways even he never imagined. To mark the anniversary, Heather Couper travels to Sir Arthur's home in Sri Lanka to hear his own story.

    Ther's a BBC News article about Clarke and the Anniversary as well:

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    Thanks for that AndroMan. I would never have know otherwise. Still waiting for the 'Listen Again' link though. :)