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Bogus e-mail!

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  • Grey Mouser
    Champion of the Balance
    • Dec 2003
    • 1433

    Bogus e-mail!

    A respected member of the Miscellany forum has informed me he has received a bogus e-mail with a suspicious attachment from my forum e-mail address. I have never sent out bogus e-mails, and never will.

    I have no idea how this was done or if anyone else has recieved bogus stuff from my address. It could be someone has hacked the password to my Yahoo account (for instance, I am told there is a trick web page set up to look like a yahoo log-in page which actually records your password when you try to use it).

    If anyone has any advice on how I can deal with this please let me know as I'd hate to have to cancel the account thus loosing my current e-mail history. I've already changed my password but don't know what more I can do beyond deleting the account and starting afresh.
  • HawkLord
    Guardian of the Grail
    • Oct 2004
    • 487

    I've had this problem as well I think. Apparently some emails were sent from my hotmail that i never sent. And I received some emails from people i didnt know with viruses attached. I think someone must have found a piece of code that allows them to send an email to someones inbox and have it automatically forwarded or somthing.


    • Etive
      Citizen of Tanelorn
      • Feb 2004
      • 222

      Grey Mouser,

      This kind of thing happens quite often I'm afraid, usually it doesn't mean that someone has been able to log into your inbox and send messages. A spammer will have found your e-mail address on the Internet and used it as a cover, the same spam was probably sent 'from' other addresses too.

      I wouldn't worry about it too much unless the messages sent supposedly from your account actually look like they're from you, it didn't fool your friend after all.

      You may find that your inbox fills up with a lot of (genuine) failed delivery e-mails, that would be the time to change e-mail addresses, otherwise it would take you a very long time to delete the spam every day.


      • Mikey_C
        Champion of the Balance
        • May 2004
        • 1511

        Don't worry about this folks. The virus takes a spoof "from" address from someone else's address book, so it doesn't mean that you're infected. See the earlier thread on the topic - including Berry's response to the suggestion that he was "unclean": [broken link]
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        • Whiskers
          flying cat
          • Nov 2003
          • 1950

          It could also indicate that you have a worm, trojan or some other virus on your system. The malware starts playing with your address book, though probably not in this case. Furthermore, when you download software and install it, especially without checking it for viruses first, you should expect that eventually you'll fall victim to malware. And double plus bad if you don't even bother to update your OS, Windows in particular. Linux people are going to have to brace themselves for future viruses as are Mac people. BSD people are probably going to be okay. :)
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          • Grey Mouser
            Champion of the Balance
            • Dec 2003
            • 1433

            Thanks for the feedback and perspective everyone. It could be a case of e-mail address spoofing but I'm going to give my system a clean up and overhaul just to be sure.