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  • Celeb endorsements

    Originally posted by
    ... Demonstrating this theory to great effect is Lemmy, the legendary frontman of metal group Motorhead. His Motorheadphones, on show at CES, were produced by a company in Denmark. What sets them apart from others on the market? "They've got Motorhead written on them," the veteran rocker tells the BBC.

    But joking aside, Lemmy insists he has been part of that creative process. "They're mid-range, not bass-orientated," he explains, arguing that anything other than hip hop sounds terrible in Dr Dre's product. "I don't think bass is that important."


    Lemmy, meanwhile, is less pensive on the future of tech endorsements and their potential impact on future generations.
    "Oh, I dunno," he says. "I don't care."
    More here...

    I guess celeb endorsements are not-much differenet to reviews: the reader has to determine wther the celeb (or reviewer) (a) has a clue and (b) has a vested interest.