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Firefox Is What Browser Should Be

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  • Firefox Is What Browser Should Be

    Dear friends,

    I generally refrain from spammy activities like promoting a piece of software. But I am so impressed with Firefox (the grandchild of Netscape) that I thought I would join the "Spread Firefox" if for a short while.

    The goal of Spread Firefox is to get Firefox onto as many computers as possible. But why? What's the big deal? I can think a few great reasons.

    1) Tabbed Browsing

    If you look closely you can see 4 tabs, the active tab contains the Google web page and the other three that don't have focus are to the right of the active tab.

    These tabs allow you to have numerous pages loaded that you can quickly change to by clicking on the tabs. Like pages in a book, you can easily flip between the pages. I do a lot of research and have found tabbed browsing to be a feature of pure genius. Unlike Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which you must deal with stacks of windows to use properly, in Firefox you can right click on a link and chose "Open In New Tab". This means you can leave the page you are reading and chase down tangential ideas in tabs that you can leave open or close them when you are done and easily rerturn to the main document. There are extensions you can install that will allow you to move the tabs around and other neat tricks. Once you've figured out how to use tabbed browsing, I know you'll never go back.

    2) Popup Blocking

    Tired of popup ads? They get squashed, and if you rely on a popup application, you can build a white list (list of exceptions) to allow applications with popup windows to function normally.

    3) Extensions

    Extensions are, for lack of a better analogy, plugins that add useful functionality to Firefox. This give you a chance to customize your experience with the browser. Allow me to suggest to you a couple of extensions to install and use.


    Firefox like all other browsers exist to send text and images your way. Consequently, visual advertising has developed and really destroys many useful sites. Not only are most ads garish, but they take a great deal of time to download. So, someone created a great extension for killing ads. The first time you visit a site, with Adblock active, you're going to see an add. For example, if you visit a typical news site, near the top is a large Flash advertisement. With the Adblock extension active, you will also see some where near the corner of the ad a little tab with the word Adblock. Once you click on that tab, the ad disappears and all future attempts to send you and ad from that location will generally fail. This means you don't waste precious bandwidth downloading junk. If you visit you'll see an ad at the top of the page. When you right click on it, you'll see an Adblock menu choice and this will allow you to do the same to such images. After a while you'll wonder how you lived without the tool.

    IE View

    A problem you may encounter while using Firefox, at least for the short-term, is that an occasional page doesn't work right. This will be because the page is Internet Explorer only. So, just right click and choose "View in IE".


    This bar has many many useful Google related tools. You could live without this one, but if you use Google the way I do, you'll find it useful from time to time.


    This extension lets you order tabs by dragging them into a different position in the current order of tabs. Click, drag, release and now you've changed the order of the pages. You can't do that with a book!

    Tabbrowser Preferences

    You might get a little annoyed by how tabs behave, that is to say, you might desire the tabs to behave differently. This extension lets you define some different behaviours for tabs and how links are launched.

    Please click on the banner below and consider trying Firefox. You won't regret it.
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    I've started using Firefox and have also taken to recommending it. The tabs are a great innovation.

    Thanks for the tip, Berry! :D
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      I currently use Netscape 7.02, also a Mozilla based product. I think I'll download Foxfire and give it a try. I can't install 7.2 and I don't want to pay $30 to fix the problem. Does Foxfire have themes?


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        Originally posted by Kitsune
        Does Foxfire have themes?
        Yes, Firefox has themes.

        It is the superior browser of today. It will make food taste better. You'll get more rest from your sleep. You'll read faster and your need for alcoholic beverages and cigarettes will decrease. Plus, fewer hackers will try to violate your ports.

        Okay, so only the first and last sentences in that last paragraph were true. But you'd swear to god tacos taste better. It's weird.
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          Firefox ROCKS!
          For me since June and I can only recommend it. It is best with a dram of Bowmore Single Malt, but even without that FIREFOX ROCKS!

          My first commercial, I guess.
          Google ergo sum


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            On a side note... Kitsune Bi means foxfire in Japanese...


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              I have to agree it's excellent, I also use Thunderbird for mail, both are quick & efficient. Must download the latest versions though.
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                Best. Browser. Ever.


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                  Hee-larious!!! Everything old is new again! And my, how the Windows world is Unix-ifying these days...
                  Don\'t blame me; I voted for Trixitroxi Ro!


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                    Found this site about the problems re. Internet Explorer - good for convincing people why they should change, and offers a range of alternatives :

                    \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


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                      As a mail client I prefer TheBat!
                      Best I ever knew. Even if it costs a little.
                      And of thre freeware stuff Calypso is pretty nice:
                      Google ergo sum


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                        I switched to firefox not long ago on my PC and noticed it was a lot like Safari (Mac). You tab browse on Safari and Firefox has the same feel, the same stability as Safari.

                        With all the irritating Windows crap Ive had to put up for years a couple of months ago I switched to Mac and have been pretty happy with it. But I somehow got an iBoook that had a faulty HD and when I sent it off to a friend to fix I had to redo my PC (stuff online that I had to get back to). Thats when I gave Firefox a try. Its great!! I think Im going to go ahead and keep the PC (I actually paid a shop to build it for me this time instead of doing it myself) but for online purposes, nothing but the iBook for me.

                        I wonder if Firefox works on a mac? Not that it reallly matters cause Safari and Firefox are very similar but I dont think I can get themes for Safari.

                        I got a kick out of this thread promoting Firefox ^_^ cause thats all Ive been doing since I used it on my PC. And so far everyone Ive recommended it to loves it!!
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                          Worm Breaks Speed Record from Discovery to Life

                          Tue Nov 9,10:51 AM ET

                          Add to My Yahoo! Technology - Internet Report

                          AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A new computer worm emerged on Tuesday which broke the speed record from the announcement of a security vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer to a full-blown virus that spreads in the wild.

                          The vulnerability was discovered and made public by two hackers with aliases "ned" and "SkyLined" on Friday, and only four days later a worm exploiting the weakness was developed and set loose, several virus-trackers reported.

                          Microsoft said the worm is a variant of MyDoom and that it was investigating the threat the worm poses.

                          Some anti-virus companies said the new worm was different from MyDoom because it spreads via weblinks and not e-mail attachments.

                          "People will receive an e-mail saying that their PayPal account has been credited or that they are invited to watch a webcam. When they click on the link, just by viewing a site it executes code and infects the computer," said technical consultant Graham Cluley at Sophos Anti-Virus.

                          Microsoft was expected to issue its monthly batch of security patches later on Tuesday, but the company could not immediately say if a patch for the new worm would be part of it.

                          However, the U.S. software giant said that consumers who had installed Service Pack 2 for Windows XP (news - web sites) were at a reduced risk.

                          The weakness in Internet Explorer is known as the IFRAME buffer overflow vulnerability.
                          Oh dear, Mr Gates! :P
                          \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


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                            Firefox gets the thumbs up from me too. Great facilities and very user friendly. :P


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                              I can confirm that Firefox is, indeed, "teh r0X0r" (sic). I've been using it as my main browser since it was known as Phoenix (version 0.4, IIRC), and never had a complaint.

                              Also, if you're looking for a solid email client with integrated anti-spam filter, RSS support and a batch of other goodies, check out Firefox's companion Thunderbird.