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SERIOUS Virus Warning concerning the community

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  • SERIOUS Virus Warning concerning the community

    I just got a mail from Berry containing the "W32/MYDOOM"-virus, according to my Norton AV scanner that intercepted this mail.
    In the subject field it read "Mail System Error - Returned Mail".
    I advise you all NOT open any unexpected mail with such or similar nonsense as subject from Berry until he "lifts the curfew". I suppose he got under virus attack and the virus is now trying to spread by sending mails to all in Berry's mail client address book.
    Take care.

    PS Berry if I'm mistaken just delete this from the forum, no problem,
    Google ergo sum

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    BERRY IS CONTAMINATED!!!! Unclean Unclean!


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      I think we can release Berry from quarantine: this type of virus selects a spoof sender at random from someone else's address book. For this reason also you can sometimes get messages back from a mail server informing you that you're infected; which may not be the case.
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        This is the case. I just checked my system for viruses and the only one that were found were the ones quarentined by my virus protection and in the trash can of my mail client. Since I don't use Outlook as my mail client and have always had virus protection installed AND I haven't been logged in during the activity I am confident enough to agree with Mikey C's assessment.
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          Aah, that explains what I found in my bulk folder on my server!
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