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Airships and Electric Cars

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  • Airships got another black eye this week when the JLENS aerostat went walkabout and spread destruction roundabout.

    Dragging a couple of miles of cable, it knocked down power lines and finally came to rest in some trees, where it was subjected to shotgun fire in hopes of deflating it.

    Some notable points:
    This is similar to the Oregon Ghost Blimp of WWII.

    This program has been snakebit from the gitgo-I've been able to observe it frequently for about a year, and the program is fraught with problems-the automatic deflate didn't work, the teather failed and they had a hard time getting it on the ground-not to mention failures in the electron ics that are the reason for the aerostat's very existence,and a collision with another blimp.

    Not to mention the endless whinging of the local paranoids who were sure the device was intended to spy on their petty dope deals.

    Finally(speaking of paranoids), this thing was loose for several hours in broad daylight, and yet, it took two days to recover it. The Kecksburg object, that fell after dark, with no warning was descended upon by the Army in a matter of minutes? Loaded onto a truck and hauled off?

    I don't think so. I saw that thing fall, and it was dark at the time. So, Soviet spy bird or Nazi time machine(oh, caucasian, puh-leeze!) it would have required some time to recover. And where did all those troops come from?

    The serious study of the UFO phenom has been rendered as desolate as the place of Tophet by the yammerings of the aluminum foil hat brigade.

    Alas and alack, catching sight of those Goldfish crackerish shapes was a high point of my day.

    Kecksberg, the Mothman and now this.....