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    Originally posted by Lord Doom
    Yep, just about anything Alan Moore is fantastic.

    His Supreme was funny as hell and intelligent -- the proper way to do homage. His 1602 books were good, they just didn't read as well as his Supreme work, which was basically a fanboy love letter to all things Superman and comics in general. Whereas 1602 was more of a straight riff on Marvel's early days.

    Didn't Neil Gaiman write 1602? Or am I thinking about a different 1602?



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      Originally posted by Jeremiah
      Originally posted by Lord Doom
      Yep, just about anything Alan Moore is fantastic.

      His Supreme was funny as hell and intelligent -- the proper way to do homage. His 1602 books were good, they just didn't read as well as his Supreme work, which was basically a fanboy love letter to all things Superman and comics in general. Whereas 1602 was more of a straight riff on Marvel's early days.
      Didn't Neil Gaiman write 1602? Or am I thinking about a different 1602?
      Gaiman wrote "1602" (an alternate universe where the Marvel superheroes are contemporary with Elizabeth I).

      Moore wrote "1963" (a pastiche of early 1960s Marvel superheroes).

      _"For an eternity Allard was alone in an icy limbo where all the colours were bright and sharp and comfortless.
      _For another eternity Allard swam through seas without end, all green and cool and deep, where distorted creatures drifted, sometimes attacking him.
      _And then, at last, he had reached the real world – the world he had created, where he was God and could create or destroy whatever he wished.
      _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."


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        1602 Was good stuff. Gaiman Rox.


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          I stand corrected. It was more of an Freudian Slip, methinks 8O

          Yes, I was thinking 1963, which I won off of Ebay last year since I enjoyed Moore's and Veitch's Supreme so much, but was rather underwhelmed with 1963.

          Yes, 1602 was penned by Neil Gaiman for Marvel and rather underwhelmed me as well. Gaiman is always so... earnest. So serious all the time. The only piece of work where it seemed like he was having FUN writing it was Stardust, and American Gods... yes there was a touch of whimsy in that.

          Looking forward to Gaiman's Anastasi Boys due out later this year.

          And I am SO patiently waiting, wanting to scream, for the last hardcover collection of Promethea by Moore. It won't be out until July :x Waiting, waiting, waiting...



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            Ah!! Nostalgia!
            And I'm only 19... -_- I'm hopelessly romantic, I fear...
            My childhood's fave comic was Dragon Ball...
            Now, I can't decide between X and Fruits Basket. About american comics, Sin City's just great.
            Sweet moons!


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              Wow. So many good comics have already been mentioned. Grimjack and Judge Dread were cool, so was the original Dreadstar. A couple of series I've always liked are Cerebus the Aardvark and, even more so, Groo the Wanderer. Kind of cheesy, but both in their own ways parodies of the sword and sworcery genre.


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                Ah!! Nostalgia!
                And I'm only 19... -_- I'm hopelessly romantic, I fear...
                My childhood's fave comic was Dragon Ball...
                Now, I can't decide between X and Fruits Basket. About american comics, Sin City's just great.
                I'm a Fruits Basket fan too, and I like a lot of other manga... Saiyuki might be my current favorite

                I really fon't know that much about american comics.

                I saw mention of Asterix and TinTin which i read in French when I was younger, I still think they're good.

                Other manga I like, if anyone is interested, are:
                W Juliet, Hana Kimi, Rouroni Kenshin, Inu-Yasha... and many many more...

                S. Ombre


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                  The Beano

                  But more seriously, I really like Overkill (early 90s, from Marvel UK) but the series only lasted a couple of years. It had some interesting characters and storylines but Super Soldiers was probably the best, followed by Battletide. 2000AD is great too! Love Judge Dredd and the ABC Warriors!


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                    Originally posted by spaced_moorcock
                    But more seriously, I really like Overkill (early 90s, from Marvel UK) but the series only lasted a couple of years.
                    I quite liked Motor Mouth (was it?) with the punky woman and her magic boots. She looked remarkably like a character on the front of the single "Everglade" by L7 (sorry, we seem to have hit an underground nostalgia-main). It was a little tame compared to what Tyranny Rex was getting up to, but still quite good fun.
                    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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                      Originally posted by DeeCrowSeer
                      I quite liked Motor Mouth (was it?)
                      Well remembered D!


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                        How the heck can you pick a favourite comic. Its like having a hundred children and being asked to choose a favourite. I should make a top ten list, but I'll just name some off the top of my head...

                        Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland
                        The Return of Tarzan by Joe Kubert
                        X-Men: Days of Future Past by Chris Claremont and John Byrne
                        Conan:Red Nails by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith
                        Sin City by Frank Miller

                        ...and there's more, by God there's more.
                        ..he weeps with the wonder of suddenly recollected innocence, of something he believed lost as everything else is lost to him and which makes him believe, if only for this moment, that what he has lost might be, perhaps, restored.


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                          Some Favs in no particular order:
                          Reid Fleming - World's Toughest Milkman
                          Axel Pressbutton
                          Flash Gordon
                          John Heine's Maya
                          Kaluta's - The Shadow
                          Simonson's Manhunter
                          The Phantom
                          J'ONN J'Onzz the Martian Manhunter
                          Green Lantern
                          Green Arrow
                          MM's and Simonson's Elric The Making of a Sorcerer
                          MM's and Cawthorne's The Distant Suns
                          MM's and Chaykin's Swords of Heaven, Flowers of Hell
                          Krazy Kat
                          Dirty Duck
                          Ironwolf/Cody Starbuck
                          Heavy Metal
                          Zap Comix
                          Jack Kirby's work except Killdozer
                          Windsor McKay's Little Nemo & Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend
                          The Elsewhere Prince
                          The Windsor-Smith Conan/Elric issues
                          Mad Magazine
                          Yak Yak
                          Kubert's Tarzan
                          Brothers of the Spear
                          Magnus, Robot Fighter
                          Rip Hunter, Time Master
                          Cave Carson
                          Adam Strange
                          and all those other comics in the in the storage room...
                          "A man is no man who cannot have a fried mackerel when he has set his mind on it; and more especially when he has money in his pocket to pay for it." - E.A. Poe's NICHOLAS DUNKS; OR, FRIED MACKEREL FOR DINNER


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                            Comic Epilogue

                            Silver Age DC Comics:
                            1: The Challengers \ Four men frozen in time protecting the Earth from aliens, monsters and super villains. These guys travelled through time and different dimensions to complete their tasks. Rocky ruled! Definitely my favorite DC comic.(created by Jack Kirby maybe that’s why )
                            2: Tales of the Unexpected \ Excellent short science fiction stories with plenty of Robots and aliens.
                            3: Blackhawk \ Flying ace freedom fighters that had a personal vendetta against nazi’s and there was nothing wrong with that. I liked Blackhawk and Olaf the best.
                            4: Doom Patrol \ Very Comparable to the Xmen but a DC version . There was a robot and a beautiful girl ( Rita Farr ) with lovely legs. The chief was confined to a wheelchair but telepathically controlled an alien being from another dimension that could fly and had all kinds of wonderful superpowers. Very fantastic, far out fiction. I was always drawn to aliens and beings from other dimensions.
                            5: The Spectre \ Was a macabre, Grim Reaper like character that existed in between the throes of life and death. He was a “good guy” in terms, and battled crime on the side of Law and Order. I was drawn by the link between the living and the dead (being a horror fanatic)
                            6: Dial H for Hero \ Was a parody with a serious twist.A small boy with an Alien rotary phone could obtain super powers by dialing H-E-R-O on the device and battle crime at will.It was an example of a young boy that could protect his friends and family from adult villains.Each time he used the phones powers he became a different hero.
                            7: The Atom \ I liked the Atom because it had a strong resemblance to the movie, The Incredible Shrinking Man. The perils of a man miniaturized a 1000 times smaller than normal is a fascinating concept, and a scary thought. I had a microscope as a child and thought I could relate to the Atom.
                            8: The Flash (Barry Allen) \ A man that could run faster than the speed of sound and light. Every time any one of my friends or I got a new pair of running shoes (especially P.F.Flyers), we would play Flash and run up and down the streets at full speed like buffoons. The Flash’s costume was the most prolific draw to me, but it was basically the same “protector of earth” theme.
                            9: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) \ Again I was drawn by the Alien intervention of a mortal humans life. Wow! a ring that shot a ray that could take on physical form, with a seemingly mind of its own. The best story that I can remember had all the ringbearers from different planets meet together in one location.
                            10: Bizzaro World \ Some might find this insulting but I found Superman to be cheesy as a child. His constant flirting with Lois (which came to no avail) was monotonous. I could relate more to Solomon Grundy and Bizzaro World. Bizzaros made you think a little more in order to decipher the riddle hidden in every reverse intention. I think the family parody was an interesting aspect also. Bizzaro mom and dad, Bizzaro kids..shit they even had a Bizzaro dog. All this transpiring on another plane of reality. A wonderful fantasy escape mechanism for a child.

                            Silver Age Marvel Comics:
                            1: Fantastic Four \ I think the implication of the tight knit married relationship between Sue and Reed was the biggest draw for me. The Thing was so monster, golem like that their stories had an almost horror attraction to them Johnny was ok but a little too selfish for my liking.The idea of a Watcher of the universe was a keen twist.
                            2: Ant Man (Giant Man) \ Ant Man had the same draw as the Atom but I liked the artwork by Jack Kirby a lot more. The relationship between Henry Pym and Wasp gave the strip a romanticism. I guess I liked the love story inside the actual plot. When he changed to Giant Man he had power beyond imagination, but never used it inappropriately.
                            3: Daredevil \ A blind man with the physical abilities of a cat. I think the in depth description of DD’s actions through his own heightened awareness was the clincher. A wild concept for a blind man to be swinging around in the air hundreds of feet above New York.
                            4: The Incredible Hulk \ I liked the early episodes of the Hulk the best. Hulks battles with his mutant counterpart the Leader were classics.The Leader had an endless regiment of super-automatons that were programmed for one thing..Destroy Hulk! And of course, Bruce had Betty, which added a little sugar to the spice. Betty’s father was inadvertently trying to kill Bruce almost every episode for no one knew that in actuality he was The Hulk.
                            5: Iron Man \ Again I found the early episodes the best. Tony Stark had a bad heart but could become near invincible in his Iron man armour.The most memorable issue was when Tony fought the Crimson Dynamo, another metalclad juggernaut bent on destroying Iron Man.
                            6: Captain America \ The nazi regime of the Red Skull were evil but intriguing foes of Captain America. These comics weren’t as fantasy laced as the other marvel heroes.CA wasn’t indestructible or bulletproof, neither were his enemies. I found CA’s stories a little closer to reality being tied into the aftermath of WW2.
                            7: Spider Man \ The thing that attracted me to SM was his climbing abilities. Some of the best of the marvel villains appeared in SM also. Personally I got a kick out of the Rhino and Sandman the best.( Doc Ocs robot was pretty cool also)
                            8: The Avengers \ Basically a conglomeration of all the marvel heroes united to face a common goal.
                            9: The X Men \ I liked the original Xmen the best.The idea of a man that could shoot a ray from his eyes, powerful enough to destroy a planet was fantastic.But even though Cyclops controlled that much power, it was never put to misuse.The Beast with his superhuman strength was somewhat of a missing link between man and animal. Iceman had some neat super capabilities being able to shoot beams of ice at any object. Not my favorite but good stories.
                            10: The Silver Surfer \ SS was a modernistic,groovy supervillain. Even though he was a bad guy he had a certain appeal due to his mode of transportation.

                            Silver Age Independent Comics:
                            1: CREEPY \ My two absolute favorite comic books of all time. With superb art work supplied by the likes of
                            2: EERIE \ Frank Frazzetta, Jaime Brocal, Jose Ortiz, Carmine Infantino, John Severin, Steve Ditko, Reed Crandall, and the list goes on due to the longevity of the strips ( 1965-1985). I prefer the issues up to 1975, for their content was geared to the old conventional horror classics.Warren rewrote some short versions of classic stories by Edgar Allen Poe, such as Cask Of Amontillado, Tell Tale Heart, Picture of Dorian Gray, Pit and the Pendulum and others. There were a lot of shortened, reworked classic old horror tales with excellent artwork. A complete land of fantasy in between the front and rear covers, beautiful. They also had their own series of in house characters such as The Rook (an old west gunslinger that could time travel with his robot assistant Manners ), Coffin (cursed to eternal life while his body rotted away from his bones) a man trying to find a peaceful end to his foul existence, and so on. The Warren comics were excellent in every aspect and a delight to read!
                            3: VAMPIRELLA\ A little lame compared to her cousins C&E but still better than other material of that era. The stories weren’t bad, but I think Vampirellas physical appearance was the biggest draw to the series…drool.
                            4: WEIRD \ These comics were just guts and gore schlock for any twisted horror fanatic to weird out on. One issue had a man that kept his insane brother hidden in their attic unbeknown to his newlywed wife. The only slight problem here being the wackos inexhaustible hunger for human flesh.The story ends with the mans lovely wife being disembowled for an afternoon snack…mmmm yummy!
                            5: Tales From The Crypt \ More such schlock as above, with lots of reanimated corpses and flesh eating zombies. Just time killers in actuality.
                            6: HOT ROD CARTOONS \ The adventures of Pappy Lemmons with his sidekicks Rod and Giz. Basically the stories take place in California close to the beach with lots of surfing and bikini’s.Pappy, Rod and Giz spend their days searching for and building go-faster hotrods.Their are a lot of TV spoofs incorporated into the mag,such as Moe Mechanix a parody of Joe Mannix the detective.These comics are silly and hilarious. The artwork is quite good with a lot of work by John Bruno and Jim Grube.Caution: some mechanical aptitude required.
                            7: CYCLETOONS \ Same as above but involving motorcycles. The heroes are Hogg and the Ol’ Poop
                            8: CARTOONS\ Same as HRC but the main characters are Unk An Them Varmints..
                            9: Elric \ Hawkmoon \ First Comics .Lots of large tasteful illustrations are incorporated into these strips. We all know the story lines by now.The Hawkmoon Runestaff series has some excellent imagery by Rafael Kayanan. Elrics The Weird Of The White Wolf is a little more psychedelic with art by George Freeman.

                            Silver Age Gold Key Comics
                            1: Doctor Solar Man Of The Atom \ Dr. Solar is exposed to high doses of radiation which turns him into a superbeing capable of flight.He uses his powers to travel through dimensions and space while defending the Earth from aliens, robots, monsters and super villains.This was an excellent comic with very interesting stories and superb artwork by Bob Fujitani.
                            2: Magnus Robot Fighter 4000A.D.\ A robot lovers paradise.This comic was the most futuristic work being done at the time.Magnus was raised by a robot and had a cerebal implant which allowed him to pick up their signals.Magnus protected North Am from destruction at the claws, pincers and mandibles of all shapes and sizes of evil robots.Magnus did not have any superpowers and therefore flew around with a jetpack tearing robots apart with his bare hands.His robot “parent” taught him self defense against automatons, which he put to use quite effectively. Magnus was referred to as “Tarzan of the Future”
                            3: The Phantom\ The original Phantom story but done by Gold Key in 1963. It had some good artwork and jungle antics. More realistic, with less fantasy than the above mentioned comics.
                            4: The Twilight Zone \ Taken directly from the TV series and put into cartoon form.These comics even had a little cartoon version of Rod Serling narrating.The one advantage to the comic was the capacity for creating fantasy images which the TV show could not.
                            5: Space Family Robinson \ This was the prelude to Lost In Space.It had family elements with mom, dad, kids and pets,living in a space station trying to survive whilst battling alien life forms.
                            6: Dark Shadows\ Taken directly from the TV series. This comic was a series of macabre short stories involving vampires,werewolves, mummies, and witches starring Barnabus Collins himself.
                            7: Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea \ Taken directly from the TV series. The adventures of the Seaview, the Atomic submarine commanded by Admiral Nelson for the US navy, protecting the shorelines of the world.
                            8: The Blue Beetle \ An archeologist discovers an ancient scarab in Egypt which enstows him with super powers.He uses his powers to battle crime and evil in the name of good.
                            9: The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers \ The hilarious antics of three brothers getting high to get by. Fat Freddie, Freewheelin Franklin and Phineas Freak are the Freak Brothers. These were the funniest underground comics going with the Freaks constantly finding ways to get drugs without getting busted by “THE FUZZ”.FFF was created and drawn by Gilbert Shelton and published by RIPOFF PRESS in Auburn Calif.
                            10:Herbie Popnecker \ Was a fat little useless goofball that was constantly ridiculed by his father and all the other kids. Little did anyone know that Herbie was gifted with superhuman strength and the ability to fly. He donned a pair of red longjohns, with a toilet plunger on his head and was known as The Fat Fury. Herbie would save the world from destruction at the hands of aliens and evil villains every issue. His famous threat was “ Im gonna bop you with this here lollipop! “A classic example of a boy branded a nobody, when in truth he was somebody. The artwork ( done by Ogden Whitney )was a little bland, but precise.


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                              I might have said so before:
                              Tintin rules! In "Tintin in Tibet", "Temple of the Sun" etc.
                              "Destination Moon" isn't bad either, with the Thompsons growing grey or yellow beards because theys swalled some chemical mixture.
                              Of course there's always "Snoopy vs the Red Baron" and the Mafalda series by Quino, but in Spanish, the original language.
                              Google ergo sum


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                                Of course there's always "Snoopy vs the Red Baron"/QUOTE]

                                I can't help but wonder how those comics look from a German vantage point...